Interior Trends: Pink and Green Love Affair

Last Updated on February 28, 2024 by SampleBoard

We are going to devote this week to colors that took over the world of interior design, as well as last year – pink and green.

Also, we are going to show you how these colors would look if combined together in a single room. The unusual couple stole our hearts in a heartbeat, so we had to play with it in our mood board creator.

Keep reading and you will discover what we came up with.

Color Trends

As you may already know, one of last year's Pantone colors of the year was Rose Quartz.

Although it seemed that implementing this sweet and sensitive hue in interiors was going to be a bold move, it turned out that the whole world went crazy over it.

Overnight, it became such a buzzword and a must-have in the field of interior design. It was popping up everywhere and it seemed that the whole Pinterest was turning pink.

However, this year's Pantone color of the year, Greenery, isn’t even nearly as successful in charming the designers as its predecessor.

The vibrant shade is, in most cases, too heavy and overwhelming, so it takes some serious knowledge and guts to implement it in more than accents.

What it did was make us think about it and aimed the industry in the direction of color green.

All Shades of Pink

Both Rose Quartz and Greenery have inspired many designers to explore their hues.

We are witnessing a great increase in usage of Pale, Blush, Coral, Candy, Rouge, Flamingo, Salmon… pink, and on the other side Dark, Forest, Jungle, Fern, Artichoke, Avocado, Olive, Teal... green in all sorts of interiors.

Muted color palette trend didn’t leave out these shades either. If you are after a muted color design, chances are you are going to use at least one of them.

All Shades of Green

But what happens if you combine this inspiring duo?

At first glance, it may seem like a no-no combination, however, if applied in the right way the results can be astonishing.

A pink and green color couple make a wonderful love affair, just a bit on the retro and feminine side.

Introducing this unusual pair in the design will bring a tropical vibe to the space, and if the pink shade is on the sweeter side you are bound to recall the charm of vintage sweet shops and fairground days.

Plants such as ficus, palms, or philodendron (or wallpapers with plant motifs) used against a pink blush wall are your safest and the most budget-friendly bet.

If you end up feeling overwhelmed by the place, you can easily re-do what’s done. Feeling playful?

Opt for some bold pink and green patterns and use them on the tiles, sofa, or shades. Mid-century decor pieces in pink will feel at home in this playful setting, so consider featuring a pink phone or pottery.

Green and Pink

This time more is more. The design is going to stand out no matter how gently introduced. So go big or go home!