How To Create A Mindful Home In The City

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A mindful interior revolution will shape our homes in 2024 and beyond.

In the fast-paced world of an always-on culture, we see people struggling to find ways to disconnect.

In 2024, increasingly dense urban environments continue to push rental prices up, while the square footage of the newly built apartments continues to shrink.

But while the space might be at a premium, the importance of creating a properly balanced home sanctuary inflates.

Interior Trends 2020 Mindful Living for Urban Dwellers | Sampleboard

Home as the epicenter of our lives

The role of the cities and our place within them are being rethought. We become aware of the significance of creating a healthy and nurturing environment for us to withdraw and recuperate.

Following the footsteps of the previous seasons, home crafters are continuously turning away from the fast-fashion industry and prioritizing investments in furniture and decor.

The overwhelming stress we are exposed to each day influences the way we feel about our homes. The past couple of years brought a major shift in how urban dwellings are being used.

From a place to sleep, eat, and take a shower, our personal space has now, once again, become the most meaningful place in our lives.

Interior Trends 2020 Mindful Living for Urban Dwellers | Sampleboard

Designing for wellbeing

The chaos of city living and the lack of privacy and space, develop a strong need for a more mindful approach to decorating.

Designing for well-being is on the rise as homemakers now have a good grasp on the impact that the color, layout, furniture, and material choices can make in their day-to-day lives.

Urban dwellers now see their homes as retreats. Places where they attend to their holistic sense of well-being while catering to their deepest creative yearnings.

The mindfulness trend encourages us to design our homes in a way that supports both our physical and spiritual growth.

Having a dedicated space for meditation and yoga practice is on the rise as we feel a desperate need to adopt more calming rituals in our daily routines.

One way to create a mindful home is to keep your home smelling fresh. You can do this by investing in an air purifier, using essential oils, and scented candles.

You can also keep your windows open to let fresh air in. Another way to create a mindful home is to declutter it. Get rid of anything that you don't need or use. This will help you relax when you're at home.

And while the request for a more natural environment and materials inside the home continues to gain traction, appealing humane and sensorial features (and novelty) of smart homes are simultaneously boxing their way to the general public.

Interior Trends 2020 Mindful Living for Urban Dwellers | Sampleboard
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In 2024 and beyond, the maximalist trend will continue to grow. Looking to adopt a more optimistic mood, urban dwellers seek colors, bold patterns, shapes, and textures.

To create a stimulating environment where they can express their authentic selves, home crafters are turning to items with a story.

A rediscovered appreciation for less-than-perfect pieces, raw, handmade, and vintage, sees us seeking expressive art and adopting folk motifs into our homes.

The diversity that’s been lost in the sameness of the dense apartment boxes most urban dwellers live in, fights back through the expressiveness of their interiors.

Sustainable design is a priority

The trend of increased eco-consciousness will outgrow the early adopters and push the mainstream.

Sustainability in home decorating and increased use of recycled materials are becoming more affordable and easier to reach.

Consumers show a growing interest in new materials, their lifecycles, and the making process itself. Veganism is becoming a more frequently discussed topic in interior design circles.

Nature in the city

Alienated from Nature, urban dwellers are looking to adopt more greenery into their lives.

The urban jungle trend continues to grow in popularity as more and more homeowners learn about the benefits of living with plants.

Decluttering, slow decorating, and maximizing the available natural light are also in focus.