Interior Design client presentation | Use titleblocks and firm logo's for more professional looking sampleboards

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Title Block Template
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Client presentation | Use Titleblocks and firm Logo's for more professional looking sampleboards

When using a drafting program such as AutoCAD or ArchiCAD you typically have a page template that includes the following:

  • Job title/project title ( in this case "Gelissimo Gelato")
  • Client name
  • Address (site position)
  • 'Drawn by' name (designers initials, so other people on the project has a reference if they need to query something)
  • Note ( as the designer you need to notify if the page is not to scale, or any additional information that's important when reading/viewing the drawing)
  • Title of the page ( Sampleboard/Scheme design/Concept)
  • Drawing number (this helps with filing the physical plans/sketches in a physical library or electronically in your project folder)
  • Firm/company logo with name, address and contact details (usually sits either on the left or right-hand side of the template)
Title block template detail

This type of template is standard practice in any architectural or interior design firm. It allows for order, referencing and can range from a complete project drawing package that includes architectural layouts, detail drawings, shop fitting details, elevations, sections, lighting layouts, plumbing layouts concept scheme ideas and sampleboards.

The reason for this brief introduction to title block template is that I wanted to demonstrate how it lifts the overall feel of your sampleboard to one that can easily be used in a client presentation along with your professional drawing sets. It can form a complete entity which in turn creates a more professional client pitch or presentation.

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