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Interior design moodboard tips from one of our top designers

One of our favourite members, Moira Mannen, has created three beautiful interior design moodboards with the SampleBoard web editor this week.

We caught up with her over email and asked her to describe her favourite editor tools.

What are your favourite editor tools?

I love exploring different avenues when I create a scheme for my client, but if I have to sum it up it would definitely be the following:

  • Drop shadow tool (it creates beautiful depth and definition to a product or image)
  • Opacity tool (it allows me to create a dream-like affect and sometimes gets rid of those ugly edges)
  • Clone tool (it makes my life easier in filling the page!)
  • Flip tool (it helps with the overall positioning of the look I want to create)
  • Reflect tool (I feel it creates more depth or a real-life image)
created by Moira Mannen on

What's your favourite space to design and decorate?

The Living Room. I love creating a comfortable and tranquil space to gather and relax with family or friends.  I enjoy curling up with a book or magazine in my favourite armchair on a sunny Sunday afternoon, sipping on a spritzer or cuddling on the couch with my dogs, crackling fire, hot chocolate in hand…no wonder it’s my favourite room!

created by Moira Mannen on

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