Instagram for Interior Designers: How to Boost Engagement through Comments

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There’s no reason to deny the obvious: the presence on the Internet as a professional today is not a whim, but a necessity.

The world changed rapidly a couple of years ago when Covid-19 came into our lives.

Since that moment, people have revised their approach to doing business, and today we can confidently say that every entrepreneur should be visible and strengthen their presence on the Internet space.

Accordingly, along with the desire to continue generating new orders and expanding the customer base, competition began to grow.

It was inevitable - when entrepreneurs found themselves in a "cage", all they had left was to promote their brand in the online world.

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Why is Instagram important?

Competing with others can become a real challenge for untrained users. Especially for those who have never encountered the development of their business pages on social networks before.

You can't do without Instagram. In the modern world, this platform has become, in some ways, a haven for creative people, businessmen, and influencers.

A huge diverse audience from different countries and a lot of tools for creating content and developing an account made it what we know it today.

Being influential on Insta means success, and if you’re striving for impressive results and popularity not only here, but also beyond the limits of a single platform, this is what you need.

But here's the question: how to boost your page and attract an audience?

The key word is engagement. Forget about the old rule "more followers more success", today this rule is a bad thing.

The king on IG 2023 is engagement. Metrics that affect engagement are what you need to expand your network and level up your account as a whole.

From today's article, you’ll learn what engagement is, what metrics are important, and how the option to buy Instagram comments can help you strengthen your position from scratch. Keep reading!

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Engagement - what is it?

Let's start with the base: in simple words, engagement is the total number of likes and comments under your post, divided by the number of subscribers.

Roughly speaking, this is one of the main indicators with which you can analyze how often users, and especially subscribers interact with your content.

This metric is more qualitative and personalized than the number of subscribers or likes and comments individually.

Engagement includes the basic data that is needed for a competent analysis of audience interaction and monitoring of your marketing strategy and its effectiveness.

To measure your own rate of engagement, you’ll need either a special calculator or a simple formula - add the likes and comments per post, divide that by the number of subs, and multiply that by 100.

Which rate is good? The average engagement for most accounts is from 1% to 3%.

If you see such numbers, then everything is fine. But, of course, it is always possible to do better. For example, 5% or more is a very high rate.

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How to boost engagement for an interior designer's page?

It's time to dive headlong into the promotion and optimization of your page to improve the basic metrics of statistics.

But first let's figure out which of the three indicators - likes, comments, and subscribers are the most important for IG pages.

It may seem to you that the most challenging thing in the whole promotion is attracting new followers, but there is little truth in this.

Getting subscribers is a little easier than it seems at first glance. Most often, clients, colleagues, and design lovers subscribe to designers from scratch.

Their involvement does not take much time and effort, usually, this process goes smoothly. You can use your other social networks, messengers, and much more in this plan to invite friends to your new page.

As for likes, getting them is also not a headache. Clicking on the "heart" is much easier than doing anything else.

Plus, likes are often a signal of interest from potential partners, advertising groups, and interested users who would like to support you or cooperate in the future.

That's why getting likes is not difficult: they are fast and easy from the point of view of users.

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Comments are quite another matter.

Imagine: to leave one comment, the user needs to distract himself, figure out what to write, and do it.

This process looks much more energy-consuming in people's minds, so comments are a challenge for creators.

In order for a user to leave a comment, or express their emotions or opinions through text, you need to try. It's not always possible to make such engaging content, and sometimes readers are simply lazy.

That's why we decided to discuss getting comments to improve engagement.

In fact, it doesn’t matter in which niche you plan to advance - the methods that we’ll discuss below are absolutely universal and can be used by you regardless of the subject of the account.

Timing is everything.

Timing is your most loyal friend and helper when it comes to expanding your visibility on the web and building an audience.

Without exaggeration, according to statistics, the right time for publishing attracts a lot more user interactions than other organic methods.

It is also important to take into account your initial goal - to reach as many potentially interested users in the design as possible.

However, it is important to understand that to attract the target audience, you need to get as many views of posts as possible.

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What do you need to know about timing?

  • The best time to post
  • How many times to post

Let's start with the first one: according to recent research, the ideal time to publish is around noon on weekdays.

This rule works considering that the lion's share of users use a mobile application to view the feed. They can come in during a subway/bus ride, during work breaks, at lunches, etc.

However, many experts recommend publishing in the late afternoon, when students and office workers return home and have time to scroll feed.

But despite these data, it is important to keep in mind that this time is not universal. That is, your audience can choose another time for online activity, and in this case, you need to adjust to them.

Therefore, we recommend that you determine the ideal time for your posts yourself. Do a short experiment: publish several posts a day at different times throughout the week.

In the end, you’ll see the result of your work, and you’ll be able to assess at what time the audience interacts most actively with your content.

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How many posts to publish?

Experts say that ideally at least 2-3 posts per day. That's the way it is - if your account is fresh, it’ll be great to fill it with content and stay active for a long time.

But it doesn't always work out, because at first, it may be difficult for you to find new topics for posts.

In this case, don’t hesitate to analyze competitors' publications and take successful ideas of posts from them, this is absolutely normal at first.

Investing in your page as a guarantee of results

Let's move on to a method that will help you get as many comments as you need quickly, simply, and without your active participation.

Yes, it happens, and it's not a fairy tale. We’re talking about the opportunity to buy comments - this option is available to everyone regardless of the marketing budget.

This method is much cheaper than hiring specialists or targeted advertising, but the result is no less high-quality and long-term.

Plus, all user interactions are one hundred percent genuine, they are written by real people for real people.

It's like delegation. That is, you give the task of increasing comments to the provider, and he does it for you.

You don’t have to direct the company's specialists or control the delivery, which is convenient in terms of saving time and resources for other important tasks that you set for yourself.

As an example, you can spend this time forming a content plan for a week or developing a new design project to attract a new audience.

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What pitfalls can there be?

Not all companies are conscientious and can provide really high-quality support to creators. Before placing an order, you need to analyze the company's website and study reviews and guarantees.

You see if you buy fakes instead of real commentaries (which we talked about earlier), it’ll be bad for your statistics.

Comments from bots look about the same, they’re "empty", and the security service quickly monitors such activity.

To avoid such problems, just spend a little time studying the site and its rating. Be sure to compare prices - they shouldn’t be too high, and not too low, ideally the average price in the market.

Don't be afraid to invest, but don't forget that this is only as additional support.

Be active, communicate with users, create high-quality content, and then you’ll be able to improve engagement and raise your designer account to a new level!