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Winter Moodboard
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 Winter in Cape Town

So today it has yet to stop pouring. The slippers are out, beach towels and sunscreen are brought in from outside and neatly packed away and I start considering whether its time to switch wardrobes again.

The skies are grey and heavy and reminds me of my time spent in London....we are so spoilt with beautiful non-stop sunny skies that if it rains continuously for more than 6 hours you are forced to come to the realisation that winter might have arrived. Table Mountain has been erased from my view completely and the sea is the mirror image of the sky.

I can't see my mountain!

I am very blessed to be able to work from home and have the most beautiful views and surrounding ever. In this photo, in the middle right at the bottom you will spot me!

It seems the walks on the beach will become less, but so will the firewood and red wine - the time has arrived. Fireplace blazing, red wine in hand, book in the other.

I love Cape Town.