Have you joined the craze for Pinterest? Do love Pinterest? Did you know you can combine all your Pinterest pins onto a board using SampleBoard.com? You can import pins and create collages. They work really well together.



The advantage of uploading pins from Pinterest into your SampleBoard.com library; they can then be easily transferred to any sample board you are creating. There are a number of things you can do with the images to enhance your mood board design. For example you can copy them, crop the image to remove part of the image, flip the image or move the image behind or in front of other items.



You can also remove the background from the image and one of my favorite edit tools is the text tool which enables you to write on your board. And there’s much more the edits I have mentioned are only some of the basic tools available on SampleBoard.com.



Combining the brilliance of Pinterest with the diversity of the SampleBoard editor is not only fun but enables you to create professional looking concept and mood boards. Why not give it a try it is only a button away. Also note if you click on any of the boards in this blog you will find a list of suppliers and the link to the Pinterest pins.



Author: Rosena MacFadzean for SampleBoard.com – concept creation online


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