How to use Design Details and Art to Convey Design Intent

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Break Away From Convention and Choose Art by Paisley Hansen

When you want to make your home look beautiful, you can use artsy ideas that will turn your home into a gorgeous landscape of colors and designs.  You need to think outside the box when you are creating these designs, but you can use a design that matches the intent you have for the house.  Make a choice and stick to that design philosophy.

The Rustic Feel

When you want to add a rustic feel to your house, you can start by using a barn door somewhere on the house.  You can turn your front door into a barn door, or you can turn your garage doors into barndoors.  You can add barn door sliding hardware to the doors, and you will have a house that looksmuch like a barn.  You can add these rustic touches all over the house, and you can use them inside and outside to get the best feeling.

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Modern Touches

When you want to make your home look like a hotel, you can add touches all over the house that allow you to make the house look like a modern art exhibit.  You need to start with pieces of modern art that look nice on the flat white walls, but you also need to add fixtures and doors that look modern.  You can put in a sliding shower door in each bathroom to make them look more modern, or you can add door knobs and drawer pulls in the house that look more modern.  These sleek appointments are going to change the appearance of the house, and they will make it look very clean. You can do the same to the outside of the house.  You can install a sliding door that goes to the back deck, or you can install a clean white door on the front of the house.  You want the outside of the house to match the inside when you make these changes.

Match Your Art

You might be able to match the design of your house to the artwork that is already in it.  If you have a preferred piece of art in each room, you will be able to design that room around the art.  Use the colors in the art to make sure that the room has a focus, and the people that come into the rooms are going to know that that room is based on that painting or picture.

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European Style

The European style that you want to match could be a Spanish estate, or a French cottage.  You can make your deck look like it belongs on a French cottage with some white paint, or you can change the roofing on your house to make it look like a mansion in the hills of Spain. You can bring the European style inside the house, and you will be able to make it look like you transplanted your home from Europe.  You can use fixtures, faucets and sinks that all look like they came from the continent.  You can add textures to the wall that will look like they came from old houses of Europe, and you can add artwork that matches the theme of the house.

When you want to have an artsy house, you can match any theme that you prefer.  The theme could be one that speaks to the rustic style of a barnhouse, the styling of a modern hotel of the styling from a French cottage.  You can simply choose a theme, choose the fixtures that will work for you and make your home look like something right out of a painting.