How to Take Care of that La Junta, CO Yard

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La Junta is a small, but important community in southeastern Colorado.

It has a rich history as an important travel and trading hub during the development of the West in the 19th century, and it is still a major highway and railway injunction.

It embraces the history and culture of the past, making it a beautiful place to live for residents of all ages. 

If you are a homeowner in this charming community, then taking care of your property should be a top priority.

A home that is cared for improves the atmosphere of the whole community, has greater curb appeal, and offers a more positive living experience.

One feature of your property that is highly visible, especially to passersby, is the yard. The climate in Colorado is very unique, so lawn care looks a little different than it might in other parts of the country.

If you want to take care of your La Junta yard, and even improve it, here are some ideas to help. 

First, You Need the Right Tools

Lawn care is very difficult if you lack the necessary tools.

Whether you have a shed, a garage, or a backroom in the house, this space needs to be filled with equipment that can help you maintain the vitality of the lawn.

Some lawn care equipment essentials include a lawnmower, a trimmer/edger, hoses, aerators, a blower, a rake, a shovel, shears, and a wheelbarrow.

There are plenty of other tools that make lawn care much easier, but this collection would get you started very well.

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With all the tools you are going to acquire to take care of your yard, you are going to need a place to put them.

The garage is often the ideal choice for outdoor equipment, so long as there is still enough space for your vehicles.

You could always install a pegboard on the wall to attach hooks and make more room for the various gardening tools.

Another option is to find storage sheds for sale in Colorado that are ready-made for your property.

You can choose from numerous attractive styles that suit your property, and you can pick a model based on the space you need for a lawnmower and other large equipment.

At the very least, if there is no other place to store outdoor equipment, you could build an overhanging shelter attached to the house to at least prevent most rain and snow from damaging your tools. 

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Maintaining the health of your lawn can result in positive grass growth. One step that you should take in the spring, and even in the fall if you are serious about lawn care, is aerating the soil.

This process is easy if you have an aerator. You simply roll the tool back and forth across the yard as it punches small holes into the soil.

This process prevents the ground from compacting, allows more water, air, and nutrients to access the roots of your grass, and improves drought stress tolerance. 


Watering the lawn is another step that can be taken throughout the year. It is especially helpful in the spring and during dry times in the winter.

Many parts of the country do not require grass care throughout the year, but even in winter, Colorado yards can suffer during dry periods.

Watering your lawn regularly during this time, and in the spring as the grass starts to come back to life, can foster a greener lawn and sturdier grass on your property. 

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If you want the healthiest lawn possible, then implementing fertilizer in the spring and fall would be wise.

There are many types of fertilizer products, so you will want to do some research and shop around at various landscaping stores to find something that will work within your budget and the size of your yard.

Additionally, you will need to invest in a spreader to ensure the grass receives an even dosage throughout the lawn. Fertilizing your lawn is very simple.

After watering it and choosing your product, spread the fertilizer around the yard's perimeter. Then, fill in the middle and store any remaining fertilizer back in the bag in a dry, cool place.

This process fosters greener, thicker grass growth because of the nutrients it provides. 

Lawn Care in La Junta, CO Takes Work

If you care about the curb appeal of your property, then you have to invest in lawn care. Colorado has a unique climate, which means the methods required to develop a healthy yard are also unique.

The tools at your disposal will play a big role in the condition of your property. A place to store them means you can invest in a good supply of equipment.

Figuring out when and how to aerate, water, and fertilize the lawn will ensure that your grass grows green and thick throughout the year to contribute to a property that looks fresh and vibrant.