How to look like Kate the Duchess - The World’s Best Dressed Women

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Fashion concept board created on SampleBoard with Pinterest pins

If you are a student fashion designer, fashion designer or personal stylist then using SampleBoard and Pinterest is a great way to gather, develop and present your design ideas. The wonderful Pinterest and the excellent functionality of the brilliant SampleBoard work amazingly well together.

I have created some fashion mood boards featuring Kate the Duchess of Cambridge using pins from Pinterest and the editor functions of the site. The boards can be used to help you ‘Get the look’ of Kate the best dressed women in the world. You can also have some fun playing around with SampleBoard and Pinterest. But be warned they are addictive. If you click on the boards you can find the links to the images used.

Fashion Concept board created by Rosena on SampleBoard with Pinterest pins

In this week’s Melbourne Sunday Herald Sun there was a two page spread featuring Katherine Duchess of Cambridge. She has been named the world’s best dressed women. Kate has quickly become a global style icon. Her rise on the best dressed list has been amazing and much quicker than William’s mother Princess Diana.

Fashion concept board created by Rosena on SampleBoard with Pinterest pins

The article interestingly highlights the colors she has chosen for her outfits over the past year. She refuses to use a personal stylist yet she has created an excellent range of well put together outfits creating her own unique style. Many of her outfits have been recycled.

Fashion concept board created by Rosena on SampleBoard with Pinterest pins

Kate has chosen light nude tones, white, champagne, blush, beige and grey neutrals for 32 percent of her wardrobe. Her next favorite hue is blue which has made up of about 21%. Kate wears black and white or green about 9% of the time, pink 8% of the time, red 7% of the time, black or purple 4% of the time and brown 3% of the time. Kate is not afraid to buy outfits off the rack on the high street.

Fashion concept board created by Rosena on SampleBoard with Pinterest pins

If you check out Kate’s choices; she tends to go for plain bold colors, she has added a few patterned outfits to her wardrobe, selects mainly nude, black and grey shoes and often does not wear a hat. During the day she lets her hair hang naturally. Occasionally Kate wears her hair in a simple sleek swept back style caught behind her ears and pinned. Kate like the style icon Princess Grace wears very little jewelry and her handbags tend to be small and discreet.

Kate does seem to also favor lace. I am laughing as I write thinking; she would win the approval of the vicar’s wife in the Jane Austin novel Emma. This snobby character stated Emma’s wedding to Mr. Knightly was not all it should be due to a lack of lace used in the bride’s gown. Love Jane Austin and remember comments like this. Back to Kate who really in my opinion deserves to be at the top of the best dressed list. I love her understated elegant look.

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