How to have a quirky British wedding

Wedding inspiration moodboard created by Rosena on

The celebration of the best of British continues with the Paralympics. The athletes are absolutely amazing I stand in awe as to what they achieve. So if you are planning a wedding what about a fun quirky British theme?

To achieve this; the colors red, white and blue and add a sense of luxury using silks, satins or velvet. The dress styles could be short affairs reminiscent of the swinging 1960s after all London was the place where the mini originated.

Not only the mini dress but the fun nifty mini car would be a great addition to the British wedding theme. Of course the union jack would have a starring role. Shoes, handbags, cupcakes, the wedding invitations and the wedding cake can all have union jack inspired patterns.

Wedding inspiration moodboard created by Rosena on

Red shoes for the bride and red roses or carnations for the bouquets and décor and there you have it.  In this blog I have created two wedding mood boards using pins from the wonderful Pinterest and images and the editor functionality of the brilliant I find both these sites a great way of playing around with ideas.

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