How to: Go glam - Style At Home

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How to: Go glam - Style At Home.

Luxurious fabrics, sparkly accessories and reflective surfaces can create a space that is nothing short of glamorous!

The look: Luxe fabrics, shimmer and sparkle and an overall feeling of sumptuous glamour. This decor trend, reminiscent of old Hollywood and silver screen starlets, harkens back to a time gone by. But the look can be updated and easily incorporated into your decor. With these tips and ideas, you can get the look without going overboard.

Where to start? We’ve lots of ideas to offer up, plus we’ve asked Vancouver interior designer, Rosie Daykin, for her opinion on going glam, too. Rosie isn’t a fan of over the top, all-out glitter and glitz. Instead, she knows just the right touches to incorporate a little luxe into your life.

• Mirror mirror: An accent piece, rather than a large piece of furniture is a do-able way to add glam without a huge investment or commitment. “I think things with a reflective quality up the level of glamour in your home, like a mirrored side table, or coffee table” Rosie says. In the dining room, Daykin admires an idea from one her friends who "has a mirrored mat that goes in the middle of the dinner table, and it looks beautiful."

• Luxurious fabrics 
on furniture pieces take it glam-ward too. How about covering that ottoman or chaise lounge in sumptuous charcoal velvet? Glam fabrics don’t have to mean bright boudoir-red crushed velvet. Unless you are on a B-movie set.

• Chandeliers are appearing in unexpected locations in many homes like the kitchen and bathroom. Depending on your personal style, you can choose a classic in crystal or whimsical with coloured beads birds and flowers. The choices are endless, and the sizes range from powder-room petite to jaw dropping gigantic.

 A glamorous room is rarely brightly lit, so choose accent lamps strategically placed, rather than expecting one overhead light to create the subtly sexy mood you’re going for.

• How about candles? “ I only use white – never coloured candles, ” says Rosie. White looks elegant in crystal or clear glass candlesticks or candelabras. Or pop tea lights into a grouping clear glass tumblers or even stemmed wine glasses for an easy centerpiece. Just make sure the glasses are thick enough to withstand heat.

 Fashion often dictates trends in home decor. This season, feathers embellish everything from shoes to handbags, and you’ll see touches of the celestial fluff at home as trim on throw pillows, photo frames, and on ornamental balls, which look lovely in a large glass footed vase or apothecary jar. No-No to the Zsa Zsa feather boa type – instead, feathers can be elegant and refined if handled properly. Think more Ralph Lauren than Vegas showgirl, and you’ll get it just right.

• Heavy metals. “ Forget earthy elements, like bamboo, when it comes to creating a little glam” says Rosie. “I like silver for its reflective quality.” If you’re more drawn to the warmth of gold as your metal of choice, make it extra-chic and pair it with winter white, rather than black. Why not cover a feature wall in wallpaper with brushed metallic tones, to add a softly luxurious feel to the room?

• Jewelry box inspiration. Pearl finishes look creamy in candlelight. Watch for pearlized photo frames, serving trays and mother of pearl handled silverware, vintage or new.

• Flowers. Says Rosie, “no over the top arrangements, all you need on a dining table is a couple of low bouquets. Colour dictates whether it’s glamorous, too. Red roses are not glam. You need a level of elegance. Many of the same bloom work well in one shade – I like burnt orange these days.”

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