How to get the 1960s look now back in fashion

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The swinging 60s fashion styles are swinging into the 2012 fashion scene.  The designers Calvin Klein, Jeremy Scott, Geoffrey Mac and Tommy Hilfiger all gave a nod to 60s style in New York fashion week. Klein created 60s style swing coats, Scott gave a nod to 60s pop art and Mac created giant backcombed 60s hair styles.

Twiggy’s 60s fashion style influenced Aussie label Romance Was Born’s new bold owl swift dress. In the Saturday’s Herald Sun Andy Burns quoted Anna Plukett as saying “….. The fabric silhouette and popping bright solid color palette reflects the mod era which we love”

When I went shopping yesterday I had a walk down memory lane when I spotted some Twiggy style shift dress’ in solid bold geometric designs. Giving my age away here, but I can’t help but be proud of the fact I was in England (a school girl) during the swinging 60s. What an exciting time it was. The new season of 2012 embraces a solid color palette in sleek paneled highlights accessorized with bold accessories.

Fashion concept board created by Rosena on

Celebrity stylist Franco Scifilliti shared some words of wisdom in the same article. He suggested 5 ways on ‘How to get the Twiggy look’. So here they are in my own words.

  1. Find a shift dress in an A-line or slightly fitted style. Solid colors or black and white (I have created the fashion concept board above to give you an idea)
  2. Short capes instead of coats will add to your swinging 60s style (Oh I remember my last winter in England my best friend’s Mum made me a grey wool cape with a bright red lining I worn this over a matching short slim fitting skirt. I thought I was lovely) Large buttons or toggles are the recommended trim.
  3. It is so important to choose the right accessories; opaque pantyhose (tights) in 70 or 100 denier. The best colors are bold for example red with a black outfit, midnight blue with red or white. Find some big pendants, enamel hoops; chunky jewellery is very much in fashion. For your head select a cap in the mod style. Large handbags in bold colors and geometric patterns similar to the dress styles would be right on song.
  4. For your feet knee-high boots in black or in a colored suede, patent or suede platform pumps. (Don’t you just love shoes?)
  5. Keep the whole look crisp and clean. Straight lines geometric shapes work best

Well that’s it I look forward to seeing how long the 60s styles stay in fashion. The great thing is they are often reinvented so even if they don’t last long they should be back soon.