How to Ensure Your Furniture Arrives Safely During a Move

Last Updated on May 15, 2024 by SampleBoard

Moving to a new abode is a thrilling adventure, but unfortunately, safeguarding treasured furniture pieces during a move can cause some anxiety.

Whether it’s a delicate touch for glass tables or the muscle required to move heavy sofas and centerpieces that bring your home together, every piece of furniture demands careful attention to avoid moving mishaps.

Fortunately, you can use these top-notch tactics to ensure a seamless move and that all your furniture arrives in one piece in your new home.

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Plan and Organize

Before you start packing, strategize and create a moving plan.

Assess the size and weight of each furniture piece and create a plan detailing the best way to transport everything to ensure maximum safety.

You could even imagine you are a museum curator overseeing the move of precious artifacts. 

Consider whether any items need dismantling for easier transportation, ensure you have the necessary tools, and label each piece based on its destination room to streamline the unpacking process.

Consider Professional Relocation Services

If you’re concerned about the safety of valuable furniture and costly-to-replace appliances, consider working with professional relocation movers like ARC Relocation.

Skilled movers have the know-how, tools, and muscle to ensure your furniture arrives at your new doorstep without a scratch.

In addition to moving boxes from point A to B, they offer services like packing up your home, loading everything safely, and even unloading for you, making moving day a breeze.

Invest in Quality Packing Materials

Splurging a little on top-notch packing supplies can save your furniture from wear and tear.

Go for sturdy moving boxes in various sizes to accommodate different items.

Use bubble wrap, packing paper, and furniture blankets to cushion fragile surfaces and protect them from scratches and dents during transit.

Consider using specialized packing materials like foam corners and cardboard edge protectors for delicate pieces like glass tabletops or mirrors.

Securely Wrap and Pad

Once you’ve disassembled any necessary pieces, it’s time to wrap and pad each item for added protection.

Start by wrapping fragile surfaces with several layers of packing paper or bubble wrap and securing them with packing tape. 

Then, cover the entire piece with furniture blankets or moving pads to provide an extra cushioning layer.

Pay special attention to corners and edges because these are the most vulnerable areas for damage during transit.

Protect Fragile Corners and Edges

Fragile corners and the edges of furniture pieces are susceptible to damage during transit. To safeguard these vulnerable areas, consider using corner protectors made of foam or cardboard.

Protectors offer a crucial soft barrier against harsh edges, helping avoid dents and scrapes during transit—it’s like giving your items their little safety bubble!

While it doesn’t seem that impactful, focusing on the little things can pay off by protecting your furniture from harm and guaranteeing its safe delivery to your new place.

Secure Loose Components and Drawers

Before moving any furniture, ensure that all loose components, such as drawers, cabinet doors, or detachable shelves, are securely fastened or removed.

Use packing tape or zip ties to secure drawers and doors and prevent them from opening during transit. Pack items with removable shelves or components separately and label them accordingly.

Making sure every loose screw and knob is tight before you move can save your furniture from accidents and damage.

Use Proper Lifting Techniques

Proper lifting techniques are a crucial way to prevent injuries to yourself and damage to your furniture during the moving process.

When lifting heavy items, bend at the knees and use your legs to lift instead of relying solely on your back.

Ask friends or family members to help you move, lift, or carry heavy pieces, and use moving straps or dollies for added support when necessary.


Whether you’re moving across town or to another part of the country, preplanning your packing, using professional services for a seamless experience, and investing in quality packaging materials can ensure your valuable items get to their destination safely.