How to create a ritzy Art Deco interior space

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Art Deco is still proving to be a hit in 2012. People continue to fall in love with the jazzy, bold, dramatic and colorful Art Deco style and the trend is most likely to continue with a new movie based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel (one of my favorites) The Great Gatsby set for release in 2013. To create an Art Deco interior space look for items with straight lines, geometric shapes and abstract patterns. The motifs of the style are stepped ziggurat shapes, fan shapes, Aztec symbols, stylized flowers and Sun motifs.

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Select a plain fitted carpet or a parquet timber floor. Or you could be daring and select highly stylized floral or brilliantly colored abstract Persian or Turkish carpets. Zebra skin rugs were very popular at this time and are so in vogue now.

The popular Art Deco colors of chocolate, black, white, red, hot pink, beige, coffee, ultramarine, sea green or burnt orange are readily available. To give the room a real Art Deco feel go for glossy finishes on the ceilings, walls and trims.

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You can have a ball with wallpaper selecting Egyptian motifs, bold geometric designs, stylized floral, stripes or Aztec motifs. Some Florence Broadhurst prints would work very well in an Art Deco room. To create a ritzy glamorous room a 1930s tea stained wallpaper highlighted with silver and gold will do the trick.

Add chrome and glass, veneered exotic timbered or shiny lacquered black, scarlet or pale yellow furniture.  Sofas and chairs can be upholstered in geometric patterns or plain fabrics. Select furniture with mostly straight lines and gentle curves.

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Art Deco styled accessories can really bring a room to life. Select mirrors in the shape of a fan or step shape. Metal or timber ornaments in the shape of an animal or women, clocks in the shape of the sun, Chinese pagoda, or a girl with a ball table lamp or colorful china or glassware would all work very well.

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You may want to add a poster from the era or a fun modern Art Deco inspired cushion. You can try to be as authentic as you like when creating you Art Deco living space or you can mix old and new to create a unique individual space. The options are endless. I have had fun as usual creating some concept boards for this blog to give you an idea of how to create your own Art Deco masterpiece.

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