How is Foundation Repair Relevant When Taking Moving Services? 

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How is foundation repair and moving all related?

If you are thinking of moving to a new home, first and foremost, check the existing condition of the groundwork instead of the rooms and other fixtures.

You might need assistance from professionals to check its condition; however, invest in one instead of regretting later and losing thousands of dollars, which could have been repaired within a few hundred.

If you find symptoms as mentioned below, carry out repair work without any delay. 

  • A gap between the window frames and the walls.
  • Several cracks around the house, along with diagonal-shaped cracks.
  • The doors don't open and lock properly.
  • The fixtures, like the chimney and cupboard, are not in place.
  • A musty-smelling living room.

If you notice any one of these signs, don't forget to peek into the foundation area and it might be in deep trouble crying for a repair.

Foundation damage doesn't happen overnight until an earthquake, flood, or some other sudden accident has hit your home.

Instead, the damage may be done when your builder does not take good care during construction, or you are unaware of the ongoing moisture problem and pest ingestion happening underneath.

Additionally, you may be busy renovating your living area and may have overlooked the maintenance needs of your foundation.

When such signs are not resolved, cracks are formed in the foundation area and may go through problems like:

  • The foundation settles downwards from the original position.
  • The foundation uplifts above the existing foundation.
  • The foundation rotates either inwards or outwards due to cracks.
  • The foundation bulges out from the rest of the wall of the basement.

Ways to repair your foundation before the moving process

In case of minor problems, you may opt for a D-I-Y repair process, but larger problems demand bigger solutions in your foundation repair from experienced experts.

As one method is not relevant for all types of foundation problems, your structural engineer will recommend that you go for the best possible solution to your given situation, and that could be among the given ones.

Underpinning foundation

When your foundation has faced extreme damage, this method is suitable as it strengthens the base of your home as piers are installed below the foundation, which could be made up of concrete, steel, and helical piers.

However, it can be an expensive method but is suitable to stabilize your foundation. 


For an uneven or settling foundation, this method can be suitable for uplifting them.

In this process, cement, sand, and water are mixed up to fill up any cracks and holes and thus help in lifting the foundation.

This method is suitable to uplift your settling foundation in the short run, as you may need to repeat this process every few years. 


If your foundation has minor cracks, it can be repaired with sealants made of hydraulic cement, vinyl concrete, epoxies, or polyurethane. The severity of the cracks determines the material of use.

Moving Services

Once you are done with foundation inspection and repair, the next step for you is to start packing all your essentials and move out.

Leaving your old home and going to a new one can be exciting and, at the same time, tiring as you need to pack up everything that you have been living with for years to build a new home.

Instead of going through all the hassle of packing and unpacking, you can make use of moving services to ease out all the tasks. 

You can choose the companies based on the service that you want to render, as mentioned below:

Pack and unpack

If you want to take a full range of services, starting from dismantling the furniture, packing them up along with other belongings to the point of reassessing the fixtures in your new home up to the point of placing everything in the right place as per your desire.

Load and unload 

Suppose you are able to pack things up yourself and also unpack and decorate them in your new space.

In that case, you can use the truck rental service provided by the moving companies, which will help you load and unload your already packed belongings to the designated space. 

Storage service

Sometimes, you may have to store your belongings for a short time or even a longer timeframe, which is usually the time slot between the day of moving in and the day of moving out.

Vehicle shipping

Are you worried about driving your vehicle to your new home? You don't have to waste fuel and energy anymore, as moving companies will ship it to your new location for you.

As you make a transition from your old residence to a new one, you may not feel the need to check the foundation while it should have been on your priority list.

Moving companies can provide both the services of repairing foundations and moving all in the same package. But before you choose the moving companies, take a few considerations. 

Google Reviews

Choose moving companies with great reviews from previous clients and who assure you of good service.


Always choose those companies that follow the necessary local and international standards while making a move to new destinations.

Also, verify that they have the right to work in this field and have the required insurance to safeguard your possessions and also compensate in case of damage.  


Go for those companies with a high level of knowledge and experience, as you are trusting them with your precious belongings.


Indeed, the price of moving is an important consideration and the breaking point for the deal. Ask for detailed pricing on the scheduled date and destinations.

Some might give you low quotations before starting the work and may ask for more at critical times of the moving process.

So, beware of those quotations and choose the ones that are transparent and reliable for you to trust on your crucial day of move. 

How can you protect your foundation from damage after you have moved in?

Once you have moved in, it's time for you to protect the base of your lovely new home.

When you follow these steps, you will notice minor damages beforehand, allowing you to prevent major impairment in the future.

  • The soil underneath is important for your home's foundation. Still, it could also cause structural damage due to hydrostatic pressure, where the moisture content in the soil may infiltrate inside the foundation area, weakening it.
  • Planting trees might be your hobby, but you should avoid it around the areas of the foundation as the roots can penetrate towards the foundation, making the base weak.
  • Make sure that your house's foundation area has gutters to direct the water away from the base.
  • Once in a while, conduct routine checks to make sure that it is dry and mold-free and that no damage is done anywhere around the foundation.