How Are Foundation Repair and Residential Glass Repair Related? 

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Do you see a hairline crack on the window glass? Or do you observe gaps between walls and windows? If you notice gaps in a range of a quarter to half an inch, it could be a sign of a foundation repair.

Additional signs include floor cracks, uneven flooring and gaps in between, a musty odor around the living space, increased energy bills, vertical and diagonal cracks all over your home, and unaligned fixtures like chimneys and drawers. 

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Types of Foundations

Foundation holds a single purpose: hold your home's weight. Like your entire home could be built in different ways, your foundation can also differ from your neighbor's groundwork.

The types are as described below:

Concrete slab

Foundations under this type are 8 inches thick, where concrete is poured in wooden forms. For strengthening your foundation, rods made of metal are wired together.

If you choose this method, you don't have to go through the process of excavation of lots of materials, and the foundation is sturdy enough to bear heavy weight.

Crawl space

Another type of foundation popularly found as a bedrock is crawl space.

In the crawl space foundation, short walls are erected around the house's perimeter, creating a space between the home's bottom floor and the soil.

So, a few feet of space are evident underneath your living area, which provides a great room for proper ventilation in the foundation area, preventing moisture infiltration or pest ingestion and ultimately keeping the foundation stronger. 

Wood Foundation

Foundations are generally made of concrete, but homes can still have a base made of wood, generally cedar, redwood, or cypress.

However, these traditional woods have been replaced by pressure-treated lumber in today's scenario as it is widely available and also affordable. 


One of the expensive types of foundation is a full-fledged basement underneath.

These basements are constructed by deep digging until you get a whole room with windows having some possibility of natural daylight.

The basement serves multiple purposes where it's not just limited to being the foundation of a home but can also be used as a play area, an extra living space, a library, a laundry room, or a storage unit.

However, building a basement as a foundation is not recommended if your area is prone to flood and other water problems. 

Choosing a type of foundation depends on your budget, housing structure, span of use, and construction time.

But foundation can face issues due to multiple factors leading to cracks in the foundation, which can further lead to many problems like;

  • Settling or sinking foundation
  • Uplifted foundation
  • Bulging foundation

When such foundation issues occur, they lead to multiple issues, up to the point of damage to the doors and windows, further leading to a need for residential glass repair.

Repairing window glass can be an occasional task, yet it's an important one in your home improvement plan.

While physical damage to window glass requires immediate intervention, some signs are also evident, and it is helpful to understand the need for its repair with the help of a professional

Signs of Residential Glass Repair

Here is a walkthrough of all the symptoms that you may observe.

  • Water infiltration through window panes

On rainy days, if water seeps into any part of your house, you may need a residential glass repair.

You should call a professional without any delay in case you observe such signs as problems like mold formation, which may cause damage to fixtures along with frequent health issues for you and your family.

  • Your home is a lot noisier than before

Do you hear a lot of honking and neighbors hustling more loudly than ever before? Your windows should have guarded you from all the external noise.

Yet, with improperly sealed windows or poorly fitted residential glass, you constantly get disturbed. 

  • Your energy costs are high

If you ever feel that your electricity bills are high and you are sure to have a perfectly working HVAC, the glass windows may be faulty.

After a certain period, glass with a degraded quality may need a replacement as air may easily flow in and out from the external surroundings. 

  • You have stained window glass

It is normal to have foggy and stained windows sometimes. But if your windows remain dirty all the time, even with multiple cleaning sessions, they need fixing.

You may have a huge investment at first.

Still, the benefits of residential glass repair definitely weigh more as you not only get fresh new glass but also get rid of all the problems that you initially faced, ranging from moisture issues to noise problems. 

How to Choose the Right Residential Glass Repair Company?

Before choosing the right company for repairing your glass, you must keep the following things in consideration.

  • Cost of repair

The most crucial factor for deciding the right company is the cost of repairing windows. Before making the final decision, you can research the possible companies that offer repair services.

You can ask for quotations and the range of services that they can deliver. You can then choose the company that best matches your budget. 

  • Materials of repair

Understand the window materials that the contractor uses to repair your windows. Choose the company that offers the materials of your choice, which can be windows made of vinyl, fiberglass, or wood.

Additionally, you may opt for those companies offering a range of glass choices like insulated glass, gas-filled glass, tempered glass, and laminated glass.

Each type of glass has its properties, and you can choose one based on your preference and also the expert's opinion. 

  • Post-installation service

Once you have installed the glass, post-installation services like customer service and warranty are equally important. Choose those contractors who provide adequate warranty and guarantee services.

Additionally, you may need to call them at times when you face problems after repair, so in such scenarios, ask them about the cost that they would incur while entertaining your calls.

Also, choose those companies that are highly responsive to such calls and promise to deliver timely service.

  • Quality of work

Buying good-quality residential glass is as important as installing it expertly. Choose professionals who deliver high-quality work and follow the safety procedures set by local guidelines.