How 2 Create the Hampton Look in 6 Easy Steps

So what is the Hampton style? It’s a kind of New England, sophisticated style with a mix of classic; traditional items but has a beach house casual and comfy feel at the same time.

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My hairdresser told me last month she was addicted to the TV show Revenge so I had a look. As usual I was very interested in the interior design and fashions. What wonderfully stylish Hampton style interior spaces have been created for the show? Sometimes I can become so lost in the critique of the interior design and fashions I lose the plot.

The interiors are light, airy and spacious. Here are some steps you can take to achieve this look.

  1. Paint the walls and the architectural detailing; cornices, doors, door frames and skirting boards neutral white. The window frames can also be painted white or black.
  2. Select timber or parquetry flooring
  3. Seating should be a mix of comfy sofas and armchairs with some feature pieces. For example I think the chair on which the beautiful Victoria sits is a take on the traditional Wing Back Chair. The chair has been upholstered in a French Script Document fabric. Oh can you feel a hint of history coming on? The first fully upholstered Wing Back Chair is said to date from the English Carolean era in the 1660s. The chair featured in the sample board above is from
  4. For window treatments you can use white shutters with flowing white sheers. Or simple curtains in plain or subtle patterns. The curtains should be able to be stacked back onto the walls on either side of the window so the windows can be left totally uncovered during the day.
  5. The tables in a living room can be a mix of different styles. Maybe a timber coffee table and some chrome and glass lamp tables
  6. Decorative items can be an eclectic mix of traditional, classic and contemporary. The Hampton style has lots of accessories. From books, lamps, mirrors, plants and flowers. Unsual items like shells and statutes of animals can add to the look. Art work can take a starring role in these interior spaces from modern classics to contemporary or traditional

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The colors selected for the Hampton style are usually whites, neutrals and naturals. The patterns delicate floral or script patterns like the one used for Victoria’s chair. Oh another tip when creating floral arrangements it is best to use the same color and type of flower in a vase. For example white roses, tulips or hydrangeas a mix of colorful flowers is a real No No with this style of interior design.

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