How 2 capture some Grace Kelly style

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Grace a great name for the graceful elegant woman Grace Kelly was. If you are too young to know who this icon of style was; Grace was an Oscar winning American actress in the 1950s. She gave up her career as a movie star to become a princess when she was 26. She had an understated glamour and was never flashy or provocative always the lady. We can learn so much from her quiet dignity and beautifully poised demeanor. She has always been on my most admired women list

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So I was really excited to finally pay a visit to the Grace Kelly Style Icon Exhibition at the Bendigo Art Gallery with a dear friend of mine. We had a wonderful time and were so in agreement about the styles we liked best. Our favorite designs were the tailored 1950/60 dresses, suits and coats. We preferred the delicate soft green, beige, light grays and pink colors of the clothes she worn in this era. We felt the styles and colors enhanced her delicate blond, blue eyed slender beauty.

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The key to Grace’s style was simplicity and elegance. Vintage dressing is so in vogue at the moment and a few tips from the graceful Grace would I am sure help the eco friendly dresser to create her own elegant style.

She wore beautifully tailored suits and dresses with nipped in waists with straight but mostly flared skirts and few accessories; such as a string of pearls. Christian Dior was one of her favorite designers he is considered one of the most influential designers of the 1950s. His wasp-waisted, widely flared skirt designs suited Grace so well. Long elegant well fitted evening dresses like the one pictured in this blog were also a hallmark of her style.

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At the Grace Kelly Style Icon exhibition haute couture gowns, hats, sunglasses and jewelry worn by Grace are on display. I must admit I did not like the hats very much. They reminded me of the sort of hats my granny wore. I’m not too fond of petal or floral hats. There were also some dresses from the 1970s I disliked, but then I would notice an image of Grace in the dress or some of the hats on display and had to change my mind. She transformed the clothing with her beauty and elegance.

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To get the Grace Kelly look aim for simple elegant lines and few accessories. Discreet designs in delicate soft pastels teamed with pearls or no jewelry at all. Check out her favorite designers; Balenciaga, Givenchy, Yves St Laurent, Helen Rose and Channel particularly their designs during Grace’s era. Everything about Grace was understated.

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Here are a number of words used to describe Grace immaculate taste, classic, luminous, sophisticated, beautiful, prefect, enchanting, serene, poised, effortlessly elegance and mysterious. The director Alfred Hitchcock said she had sexual elegance. Maybe it is the poised elegant mystic of Grace that still captures the imagination today.

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