Smart Home Technology - Both Function and Style

Last Updated on December 14, 2023 by SampleBoard

Smart home devices are typically seen as an ugly addition to the home that should be covered up, so it doesn’t clash with the interior.

However, gone are the days when you had to worry about hiding or avoiding tech in homes.

Tech companies are welcoming feedback to make these products more stylish so they can be reimagined as an asset to the space instead of a bulky burden.

SimpliSafe Home Security and Samsung Multiroom 360


Correct lighting is essential when creating the desired mood of a space. It affects the colors and perceived size of the room.

Smart light bulbs, such as ones from LOHAS and Philips, allow you to control the colors and brightness of the light from an app on your phone.

You can set the space to fit the exact atmosphere you prefer without the hassle of finding particular shades or buying an array of bulbs.

Now, you hold the ability to change the feeling a space exudes just by spending a couple seconds on an app. 

Philips Smart Bulbs

Voice Control

Hands-free communication with home appliances doesn’t just improve usability for the homeowners, it also provides a more cohesive, clutter-free room.

No one wants their unattractive remote controls lying around for guests to see, and this is often a worry with technology.

However, with voice control and apps, the need for remotes is diminishing, along with the need to find them hiding places. Take advantage of devices that use voice control to declutter and clean up the look.

Samsung TV The Frame

Stylish Tech

Tech companies have really begun to design their products with style in mind. This gives you the opportunity to incorporate pieces that not only make a statement but carry an actual function as well.

Products like Google Home and SimpliSafe’s home security system are attractive pieces that you can display among decor pieces seamlessly.

Their modern, sleek appearances look like pieces you may have bought to add to a bookshelf or end table. Or display on the wall as a beautiful piece of art in the case of Samsung’s TV The Frame.

Statement pieces such as the Samsung Multiroom 360 Airocide purifier and MG12’s towel warmers are sure to turn heads, and no one would even expect their true purpose to a room.

Avoid shying away from technology because you think it’s difficult to incorporate - attractive tech is out there.

As we can see with HGTV’s smart homes, home technology is truly beginning to merge beautifully with interior design. Including tech in a space doesn’t just improve functionality, it enhances the appearance as well.

Cameron Smith is an outreach coordinator at SimpliSafe. She has 4 years of experience in the home security world and worked as a home stager previously. You can often find her rearranging the furniture in her living room or scrolling through the new arrivals at Pier 1.