Home decorating ideas: How to update or improve a room with 3 items

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A common question asked in my interior decorating workshops; what is an easy way to update a room? In this blog you will find my response to the question.

A dull, tired, dated room can easily be transformed with the interior decoration of three items. When you are fed up of the interior decor of a room you can create a new trendy look with three easy to find items. The three items can be added to any room. This is particularly easy to achieve if you have created a neutral color scheme.

Living room ideas

So how can you transform and update the interior décor of a living room with three items? What are the items? To answer the second question first the three magic items cushions, throws and floor rugs. If you have a living room or bedroom; in need of an update find three cushions for each sofa (or bed).

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Tip: If the cushion inserts are still in good condition you only need to buy or make new cushion covers

There are a number of inexpensive options. Some curtain manufacturers sell remnants of high quality off cuts at bargain basement prices. Even if you are not a great sewer it is fairly easy to make cushions. Some variety/bargain stores sell the whole package cushion inserts and covers at discounted prices. In this instance you could buy four cheaper cushions and then spend a bit more on two quality feature cushions. You do not have to restrict yourself to three cushions, five, seven or nine could also be used. Three would probably be the minimum number on a sofa or one for a chair.

Tip: Odd numbers are easier to work with when creating arrangements

The throw rug is a great way to add color, pattern and texture to a room. It is also functional it can keep you warm in cool weather. The throw selected can be in one color to match one of the cushions or a mixture of colors. It is best to match some of the cushion colors and then maybe some of the other colors in the room. The throw can be position at the bottom of a bed, or over a sofa arm on the opposite side to where the three cushions have been positioned.

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Tip: Many interior decorators often use the magic number of three items

A colorful textured floor rug can be positioned at the side or bottom of a bed or in front of a sofa. The rug should be selected first. If you like to change the decor of your room often then there is a great range of inexpensive rugs available.  You can also invest in a quality rug. When selecting a quality rug try to find one with a few colors and a classic or abstracted design. If you selected a trendy pattern this could date.

Using cushions, throw rugs and floor rugs is a great way of achieving a rhythm of color, pattern and texture throughout a room.  They are a very easy, cost effective way of transforming a dull, dated and uninteresting room. And when you grow tired of them you can easily and inexpensively replace them.

Concept Board created by Rosena on SampleBoard.com

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