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It is with great pleasure we announce the winners of two 3 months FREE memberships to SampleBoard‘s Ultimate Creator. Over the past few months SampleBoard has been receiving brilliant entries to the two competitions featuring interior design and wedding planning mood boards. The first one open to all contenders ‘Vintage Inspired Wedding’ and the second one for student designers ‘Design an Inspired Space’.

Winners of 3 months FREE membership to SampleBoard’s Ultimate Creator

The SampleBoard team would like to thank everyone who submitted an entry. The standard of the interior design and wedding planning mood boards was very high and the results very very close. So ‘Drum Roll’ please as I announce the first winner. The ‘Vintage Inspired Wedding’ winner is (long pause……) Chanel Willard for her board ‘Wedding’.

Winning Wedding moodboard created by Chanel on

The ‘Vintage Inspired Wedding’ winner

The board designs were judged on color, design, theme and the use of the sampleboard digital editor tools. Chanel created her own color palette with the eyedropper and shape tools. The board was very well designed and the vintage theme was subtly expressed.  She also made use of the opacity and drop shadow tool. Well done Chanel we look forward to seeing more of your inspired creations. Enjoy your membership.

Wedding Planning moodboard created by Mane Carrion on

The boards were judge on color, design and theme.

A very close second was the excellent board ‘Vintage Gold’ created by Mane Carrion. The warm colored beautifully designed board is brilliant. Mane’s use of the editor tools for example the eraser tool is inspired. Many of her boards posted in the creative community are works of art we can all learn from.

The Design Student winner of ‘Design an Inspired Space’

The design student winner is (long pause……) Kathleen Cracknell an interior design student from Canada for her board ‘Seeking Serenity’. Kathleen created an excellent contrasting color scheme the blue reflecting the serenity of the title. Her board design was exceptional. Kathleen was one of the few who used the eyedropper and shape tools. These tools allowed her to create frames for some of her images. Well done Kathleen we hope you take advantage of your free membership and continue to enjoy creating excellent sample boards.

Winning Design sample board created by Kathleen on

A close second in the ‘Design an Inspired Space’ competition is Joanne Du Bois for her board ‘Bathroom’. This board has been excellently designed and the color selections are wonderful. Joanne has made great use of the text tool and the drop shadow tools on the digital editor. Joanne has been designing sample boards of a very high standard.

Interior Design sample board created by Joanne on

Congratulations Chanel and Kathleen your interior design and wedding planning moodboards are excellent examples of how sample boards can be used to enhance design presentations. Well done!

Keep on creating!

The SampleBoard team