Get the Look: Bright Scandinavian Apartment with a Lavish Climber

Get the Look: Bright Scandinavian Apartment with a Lavish Climber - SampleBoard Blog - A blog about professional moodboard building, global design trends & creative inspiration for your next design project

Continuing our Get the Look series by giving tribute to yet another staged real estate from Northern Europe. Bright and light space, full of indoor plants and a lovely climber framing the window… we just couldn’t resist coming up with a short shopping list to help you replicate the look.

But before we get to the product board, I would like to ask you a question. Have you noticed the brightest star in urban jungle sky - the climber?

Indoor climbing plants have been growing in popularity lately, and are predicted to be leading the pack in 2018. After the succulent craze, we witnessed the rise of monstera plant and then the fiddle-leaf fig, but climbers seem to be gaining momentum as go-to greenery for brightening up interiors. It is no wonder why! They are not only fun and versatile (you can use them for framing the window, let them conquer the wall, or simply hang from the shelf), but also they grow very fast. Even though they usually don’t require much care, don’t forget that you will have to train them if you want them to follow your imagination. So, if your client chooses to feature one of these lush beauties in their home, in order to achieve the desired aesthetics, make sure to address this issue with them first.

Get the Look: Bright Scandinavian Apartment with a Lavish Climber - SampleBoard Blog - Second home for interior designers

  1. Arne Jacobsen’s Series 7™ chair from Republic of Fritz Hansen
  2. NYMÅNE pendant lamp from IKEA
  3. Carl Hansen Oak Wishbone Chair by Hans Wegner
  4. Swiss Cross Pillow in Taupe and White by Two White Owls
  5. Milano table with supplementary tabletop BoConcept
  6. SKULTUNA Lily Candlestick from Barneys

Credits – Photography: Alen Cordic; Styling: Emma Hos for Bjurfors

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