Future Interior Trends: Home as the Epicentre of our Lives

Interior design trends that will shape our homes - Will the pandemic permanently change the way we live in our homes?

With shelter in place and remote working becoming a new reality, many of us are looking to update our homes to better support us during the long days spent inside. But will these newly established needs and preferences still be relevant once the pandemic is over?

Discover what changes are here to stay for good and how to tackle future interior trends in your design offer.

Calm and comforting interiors

Our homes have become our shelters not only from the virus, but from the growing stress and uncertainty. To find answers and comfort in this new reality we turn to the familiar - great outdoors and our home interiors.

Simplicity, peace and acceptance are the keywords for this nature-driven interior trend. Color schemes are simple and grounded. Muted and earthy shades provide a sense of reassurance and suggest innocence and harmony - feelings we could all benefit from regardless of the pandemic.

Calm and comforting interiors bring peace and remind us that life is precious and that we should value each and every moment.

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Privacy and space for daily rituals

With a whole family around 24/7, open-plan living no longer stands as the gold standard of home living. The growing demand for privacy makes us reconsider our home layouts and explore our options for creating secluded, sanctuary-like spaces where we can withdraw and be alone with our thoughts and tasks.

The growing trend of rediscovering the importance of daily mindfulness rituals such as practicing yoga or meditation, or simple home workouts, is creating a demand for establishing small relaxation nooks inside a home. We are about to see many innovative solutions to a growing lack of privacy in small, city apartments.

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Future interior trends: Home as the epicentre of our lives
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Functional home office

Working from home brings many benefits, but also some critical challenges. At this stage, nobody can predict when or if the work-life will ever be quite the same, but one thing is certain - we are about to spend many more months balancing our work and family life in the same space.

We need to do better than the dining room table.

No matter how small, a dedicated working space with a good chair, lighting and a piece of mind is a must. This is not only crucial for work productivity, but also for healthy separation of personal and working hours.

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Also, with online meetings blurring the line between private and public space, we are seeing an increasing demand for designing professional looking nooks fit for conference calls. This could present an interesting opportunity for a new micro design service.

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Biophilia and urban gardening

The Urban jungle trend has been around for a couple of years now and just when it seemed like it was bound for a slow decline, the pandemic hit. Facing a lockdown, people feel a strong need to reconnect with nature and live slower, more considered life.

That’s where the indoor plants kick in.

Once a trend, biophilic design is becoming a necessity for keeping people grounded and their spirits high. All things gardening is trending and we are no longer talking only about decorative plants, but fruits and vegetables too.

When tackling a new design project make sure to check with your clients if they contemplate taking this path and whether you should explore the gardening potential of their space.

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Future interior trends: Home as the epicentre of our lives
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Healthy home environment

Health and well-being are in focus. We are becoming more open to new ideas and lifestyles that can improve hygiene and air quality at home. Technologies such as UV lamps, cleaning robots, voice activated home gadgets and indoor air quality monitors and purifiers are gaining momentum, but so are the products that support a more healthy lifestyle (conscious materials, sustainable fabrics, diffusers, etc.).

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Going further, sustainability will be a driving force in both future interior trends and industry. Independent food and energy production will be critical for the success of any society, but we will also be seeing this trend emerging at personal properties. Solar panels, zero-energy buildings, home gardening, and independent water supplies are no longer niche topics.

Globalized production is dead. Instead, we are entering an era of locally sourced and produced goods and services.

Future interior trends: Home as the epicentre of our lives
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How do you feel about the future interior trends? Do you see them as the step forward or backward?

Future interior trends: Home as the epicentre of our lives

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