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How to create a digital moodboard

Using the SampleBoard web editor, you are able to combine images easily and beautifully into digital moodboards. The web editor allows you to quickly and easily pull together design trends, colour schemes, textures and products via a convenient drag-and-drop function, using the rich editing toolset with over 30,000 product images from the library or your own images uploaded onto the system from your personal profile.

Simply drag-and-drop images from the navigator (the organize, create and share menus on the right-hand side of your web page) over to the moodboard canvas. Once there, you can move the items around, resize them by dragging on the small squares at each corner, rotate, crop, blur, clone, reflect etc. Once you are happy with your moodboard, you can publish it with a title to the creative community or use the other share options from the share menu in the navigator.