Fall 2013 Interior Design Trend | Brass & Copper

Last Updated on July 12, 2018 by Bojana Bajac

Fall 2013 Design Trend Copper Interior Design Mood Board

As mentioned by Design & Trend metallics like stainless steel have stolen the show for a few years now, but the inclusion of brass, gold and copper has made an appearance as well. Metallics always stand out, and they can look rather stunning when they contrast a simple living space. Interiorish notes that it not only looks timeless, elegant and chic, but it is also budget friendly.

Elle Décor reports that brass has "rich gleam and sculptural weight" where it is "experiencing a resurgence." Designers are looking back to the 1970s where brass and bronze show up more frequently, like in Carl Aubock accessories and Gabriella Crespi cocktail tables. Today Kelly Wearstler makes nearly entire rooms with brass as the "metal of the moment."

There is a warmth brass gives an interior, whether it be a modern or traditional space," Marisa Marcantonio of Style Beat says. "The golden hue of the metal provides a subtle, elegant gleam. It's having a comeback because it mixes well with other metals and its patina gets even better with age."

Design Sponge reports that classic metallic like brass and copper never goes out of style, yet has a modern touch that can be breathtaking, especially in smaller accents like pendants, chandeliers, baskets, tables, canisters, chairs, and more.

For more copper inspired images visit our Pinterest board {COPPER}

* Copper inspired mood board created using the digital mood board  software, SampleBoard.com


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