Exploring Different Styles of Furniture: Modern, Contemporary, Traditional, and More

Few things are more exciting than searching through a furniture store in Fort Myers, Florida to find the perfect combination of pieces to decorate your home. Your eyes may wander over different sizes and shapes of sofas, chairs, rugs, lamps, tables, and other decor items that, when put together, will create the beautiful area you envision and that your loved ones and guests will enjoy for years to come.

Read on to discover more about the different styles of furniture and some of its more recognized variations because the more you know, the more confident you will feel when making the final selection.

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Traditional Furniture Styles

These furniture styles date back hundreds of years and are influenced by the classical, medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque periods. Some examples of traditional furniture styles are Jacobean, William and Mary, Queen Anne, Louis XVI, Chippendale, and Hepplewhite.


This style was created by Thomas Chippendale, a famous cabinet maker in London in the mid-18th century. The furniture is characterized by its elegant and graceful curves, ornate carvings, and ball and claw feet. It also incorporates influences from Gothic, Chinese, and French styles. Chippendale furniture is highly valued for its craftsmanship and beauty, and it includes chairs, tables, cabinets, chests, and desks. It can be made of mahogany, walnut, cherry, and maple and often has a dark finish.

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Hepplewhite furniture was created by George Hepplewhite, a cabinet maker in London in the late 18th century, and is known for its elegance and refinement. It has a deep neoclassical influence, with a delicate appearance, tapered legs, and contrasting veneers and inlay. It incorporates swags, ribbons, feathers, urns, and trees. Some of the most common pieces of Hepplewhite furniture are chairs, tables, sideboards, chests, and beds made of mahogany, walnut, cherry, and maple, often having a light finish.

Contemporary Furniture Styles

These furniture styles emerged in the 20th and 21st centuries and are influenced by modernism, minimalism, industrial design, and global trends. Some examples of contemporary furniture styles are modern, mid-century modern, Scandinavian design, coastal, transitional, and shabby chic.

Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian design originated in the Nordic countries of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. It’s characterized by its simplicity, functionality, and beauty. The furniture is known for its sleek and modern look, with clean lines, natural materials, and light colors, and it includes sofas, chairs, tables, cabinets, and beds and can be made of pine, oak, birch, teak, metal, glass, or plastic.

Modern Furniture Styles

These furniture styles are characterized by simplicity, functionality, clean lines, geometric shapes, and a mix of materials such as wood, metal, glass, and plastic. Modern furniture styles often have a sleek and sophisticated look that suits urban and minimalist spaces. Some examples of contemporary furniture styles are Bauhaus, Art Deco, International Style, and Brutalist.


Bauhaus furniture originated in the Bauhaus School of Art and Design in Germany in the early 20th century. It is characterized by its functionality, rationality, and simplicity. Bauhaus furniture is known for its innovative and experimental use of materials like tubular steel, plywood, glass, and leather. Some of the most iconic types of Bauhaus furniture are the Wassily chair, the nesting table, the Barcelona chair, and the cantilever chair.

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Art Deco

Art Deco furniture originated in France's Art Deco art and design movement in the 1920s and 1930s. It is characterized by glamour, elegance, and sophistication and includes geometric shapes, rich colors, exotic materials, and metallic accents. It is known for its luxurious and eclectic look, with influences from ancient Egypt, Africa, Asia, and the Machine Age. Some of the most iconic pieces are the skyscraper bookcase, the waterfall dresser, the club chair, and the sunburst mirror.

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