Escapism at Its Finest: Create a Stunning Outdoor Sanctuary

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Once the clock strikes 5 pm on Friday afternoon, we say – no more. No more tasks, no more meetings, no more stress.

All we’re left to do now is survive the rush hour and arrive home, drop our keys on the hallway cabinet, take off our shoes, get into our cozy crocks, and hit the back door to get to our heavenly sanctuary, where we’ll forget all about the troubles of our everyday lives (at least for two days, that is).

But can you truly recharge your batteries while there’s no comfortable furniture to throw yourself onto; when the rakes and other gardening tools are just lying around; or without ambient light to warm up the evening atmosphere?

No, you most certainly cannot.

Patio Furniture

Primordial Privacy

Just picture it: a warm morning in May, the sun is already high up in the sky and you’re looking to open this year’s tanning season; as soon as you start putting on the sunscreen, the postman drops off a package, or your neighbors decide to mow their lawn.

Well, there goes those 5 minutes of peace and quiet.

To get rid of all the interactions and distractions without building a 10-foot wall, consider trellis covered in leafy vines.

A green wall has the power to evoke our primordial sense of protection and security, but most importantly – provide much-needed privacy in your sanctuary.

Shady Chic

If you wish to seclude your garden terrace just a tad more, consider incorporating an arbor, overhead trellis area, or pergola which will create a visual statement as soon as they are put up.

Sheer drapery or any other outdoor fabrics will not only provide greater privacy but will also shield you from the sun on those scorching days in July.

Patios and pergolas have become the norm for any indoor-outdoor space and can provide the ultimate relaxation once built.

Designing is the tricky part, but you can find out more about patios and pergolas from Trueline.

Outdoor Sanctuary

Outstanding Ambience

Yes taking the indoor atmosphere outdoors can be quite a challenging endeavor – decorating your garden so that it has a unique and luxurious ambiance without building any walls or ceilings.

However, if you allow yourself to be creative and opt for a couple of surprising elements, like fire pits, koi ponds, or stone fountains, you might just design an exterior that will make everyone gasp.

If you’re lucky enough to have a stunning backdrop, then all you’ll have to do is ensure you regularly maintain your lawn.

Not to spoil it, consider building decorative concrete floors that you can define and highlight by installing headlights.

Nocturnal Illumination

And once the sun sets, all your greenery and outdoor ambiance get lost in the shadows of the night.

To be able to fully enjoy the beauties of your garden, consider handing a string of bulbs on the trees to make the space feel livelier, and thus create an active party spot.

If it happens that you have uneven terrain on which you have built stone steps, emphasize them by installing lighting fixtures to elevate the overall design of the exterior.

And for those who have a pool – opt for underwater lighting to create a dramatic and unique look, ultimately making the surface of the water glow in the dark.

Nevertheless, it’s not just about relishing in the beauties of the night – by illuminating your garden, you’re also contributing to the safety of your sanctuary.

Garden Furniture

Therapeutic Gardening

Finally, as you become more engaged in the process of redecorating your garden, you will discover that gardening in itself is quite restorative.

Concentrating and indulging yourself in this one activity for one or two days a week will help you successfully escape the hustle and bustle of the modern world.

It’s advisable to pick the plants known to attract birds and butterflies, or on the other hand, aromatic flowers and herbs that echo the history of the landscape that surrounds you.

Planting vegetation native to your area will help you reconnect with nature - surround yourself with something familiar, something that will restore your mind-body connection, relieve you from stress, and restore wellness.

Using egg cartons for your garden can be a clever and eco-friendly way to make your outdoor space more attractive.

These humble containers can be transformed into biodegradable seedling starters, providing a sustainable approach to starting your garden from scratch.

By planting seeds in the individual compartments of the egg cartons, you can nurture your plants until they are ready to be transplanted into the ground.

Not only does this reduce the need for plastic pots or trays, but it also ensures minimal disturbance to the roots during transplantation.

Embrace the versatility of egg cartons to create a flourishing and environmentally conscious garden.

Whether it’s a good book on a Saturday morning, your better half on a romantic night under the stars, Sunday family brunch, or you just need a place to escape the pressures of the outside world after a difficult day at the office on Tuesday...

Your secluded sanctuary will help restore the much-needed energy to conquer the challenges that await you.