Equestrian Chic Interiors

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Horse Country Chic

Although it’s been around for hundreds of years, the equestrian style still ranks high on the trend radar. When it comes to fashion, people are drawn to the clean and dignified lines of its clothing, always flattering and timelessly classic. Many luxury labels (Hermès, Gucci, Ralph Lauren) are jumping on the trend-wagon resulting in a worldwide rise in sales. Horse-inspired items are conquering hearts and closets of many, establishing the equestrian lifestyle.

But the renaissance in classic equestrian chic didn’t hit only the fashion industry. Horses are making a big comeback in the home interiors as well. Horses have always been the symbol of power and wealth, reminding us of British aristocrats, a tradition of hunting and horse racing. Thanks to Ralph Lauren, this idealized world of the leisure class is having a major moment in American homes as we speak.

Horse Country Chic

Equestrian Chic Interiors

The roots of the Horse Country Chic can be found in English Countryside decor. However, today’s designers moved from nailhead leather furniture and dark wood to more subtle approach. Horses and stable-inspired items are being featured as statement pieces of many interior decorating styles. Powerful as they are, even equestrian accents can step up the design game giving the room that special spark it craves.

Horse motifs are showing up in everything from fabrics to artwork. A few carefully chosen small horse figures can cheer up any shelf display.

If you are a lover of classic decor, browse the antique stores and flea markets and you will easily find just what you need to show the love of horses in your home. Old leather, antique figurines, riding crops, sleek riding boots, horseshoe-shaped door knocker, horse racing posters… to name a few.

The eclectic approach leaves even more possibilities to experiment with. Besides from the obvious (different types of wall art), some design-conscious homeowners took the bold move of introducing horse-shaped lamps in their quarters. In some homes, you can even find horse figures in (almost) life-size.

Exotic equestrian wallpapers and upholstery fabrics are back in many shapes and styles. They can fill the daily life with color and joy but should be used wisely. To prevent overwhelming the room, introduce them only in accents.

Modern Equestrian Chic

Horses are welcome guests in minimal and bohemian homes as well. These homes display equestrian chic on their walls in the form of paintings, posters and photos, or as artsy figurines and styled objects. Even though they show fewer horse-inspired items, their role in the design is exceptional. In these concepts, the horse is put on a symbolic pedestal, as a God-like creature, leaving the rest of the decor in its shadow.

Color choices are endless. You can set your heart for the traditional, rich, dark palette with deep crimson and blacks, or for cool colors balanced with warm wood tones. Even black and white approach can be a good idea, with or without pops of color here and there.

You don’t have to own a country home to treat yourself with a romantically nostalgic appeal of the equestrian chic. Whether you are riding or not, if the horses are your passion, incorporate them in your interiors. Ralph Lauren will sure approve your decision. :)



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