Enhancing your moodboard | How to add text

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Moodboard created on sampleboard.com
Moodboard Design | Adding text

The SampleBoard web editor is where you combine images easily and beautifully into digital moodboards. The web editor allows you to quickly and easily pull together design trends, colour schemes, textures and products via a convenient drag-and-drop function, using the rich editing toolset with over 30,000 product images from the library or your own images uploaded onto the system from your personal profile.
Today I will be discussing how to add text to your moodboard using the text tool in the web editor toolbox.

The Text tool is used to position and enter text into your image. The text may be of any colour or font in the dropdown menu. You also have the option to set the text tool to work so that the background colour is used for the "fill space" around the text, or if the text will be applied with transparent "fill space", allowing the image to show through behind the text. You can fill the space behind your text by ticking the ‘background fill’ box in the options bar at the top of the editor screen (below file, edit, image, filter).

Adding text to your moodboard

  • Select the text tool
  • Double click to edit text Enter your text and click ‘done’
  • Select your font in the drop-down menu in the options bar as well as the size of text (As long as the text tool is active, you’ll see that rectangular boundary around the edge of the text area. You can move this rectangle around by clicking and dragging on the very border of it, or resize it by clicking on the tab buttons at the corners and midpoints of the edges)
  • You have the option to bold, italics and/or underline your text and align the text to the left, right or centre of the text box
  • To change the colour of your background fill from the default white, select the colour well and click on the ‘background fill’ to change the colour
  • If you decide to have transparent background fill, simply un-tick the ‘background fill’ box

Changing the text colour

You can change your text colour by selecting the colour well and changing the foreground colour (default black). Be sure that your text tool is active, you’ll see that rectangular boundary around the edge of the text area. If it’s not active, simply click on the text to activate it.

Re-editing the text

Double-click on the text object. This will reopen the text entry dialog and allow you to make your changes.

Tooltip: you can add a drop shadow to your text with background fill once you are complete to accentuate it and make it pop out of the background.

Tooltip: choosing the right font can make the difference between a professional looking moodboard and an amateurish one. Make sure you don't use more than 2 or 3 fonts in a moodboard, and be consistent in their usage. For example, if you use Arial for headings, don't create another heading using Times!

Dont forget to watch our guided tutorial video for a quick tour on the basic functionalities and features that the SampleBoard web editor has to offer.