Embracing The Clutter-Free Kitchen

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If there’s one thing that can instantly ruin the aesthetic of your kitchen, it’s clutter. A cluttered kitchen can make your space look smaller, but it can also make it really difficult to keep clean and maintain. 

Keeping your kitchen free from clutter can feel like a huge task, but you know the results will be worth it. Check out these ideas for embracing a clutter-free kitchen to help you maintain that clean Scandi aesthetic.

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Make an art of food storage

Finding useful and creative ways to store your food will not only make your kitchen look tidier but will also help you avoid the need for pest control.

And it’s easier than you might realize! Invest in some storage jars and containers, add some labels, and voila, you’ve got the dream food aesthetic that’s dominating social media right now.

And if storage is an issue, there are some workarounds, like this video for a clever pantry drawer:


I was chucking all our dried foods in this drawer and decided to organize it all with air tight food containers from @Wayfair today! It’s so satisfying. Check out the link in my bio for everything I used! #wayfair AD

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Make use of minimal styling

A beautiful minimal kitchen will give you the perfect base for keeping your kitchen clutter-free.

Starting with simple cabinets and plenty of storage, Nordic-inspired kitchens can give you some great ideas for how to keep your kitchen aesthetic simple and pleasing to the eye.

Less is better when it comes to kitchen styling - it will open up your space and make it much easier to keep clean too.

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Get into the habit of a daily reset

Creating a dreamy minimal kitchen is one thing, maintaining it is another matter entirely. It can be easy for even a clean kitchen to descend into chaos, which is why you need to make sure you stay on top of things.

A daily reset is a good habit to get into, helping you take care of the basic cleaning and maintenance so that you’re not stuck trying to do one big clean every week. Some jobs to add to your kitchen cleaning checklist include:

  • Daily dusting
  • Washing and drying the dishes (or using the dishwasher)
  • Wipe down the worktops
  • Hoover and mop the floors
  • Tidy and clutter away

These types of tasks shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes, so if you build a little time into your routine each day, you’ll soon find yourself with a manageable kitchen that looks its best.

Be clever with your storage

Most people find they can easily fill up their kitchen storage, but that can make things difficult when you decide to buy a new appliance or you want to add some new tableware to your collection.

Be careful not to over-stuff your cupboards - keep things within reason.

If there are things you only use seasonally or on occasion, you could consider storing them away elsewhere and bringing them out when needed.

It will help you keep your kitchen much more organized while making sure that only the things you need are around you. A clutter-free kitchen is a dream for many people, but you can make it a reality.

Design a kitchen that has plenty of storage and work hard to maintain it. It’s not always easy, but it’ll be worth it to show off your showhome-style kitchen - even if people don’t realize what it takes behind the scenes!