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Not really into bunnies and eggs although I do love chocolate. But the Easter table decor can be an enchanting celebration of spring and renewal which is at the heart of the Easter message.

Image via bhg

Easter DecoratingConcept board created by Rosena on SampleBoard.com

One of my fond memories as a child was getting a new Easter bonnet. As a write this blog I am singing “oh I could write a sonnet about your Easter bonnet….” from the Irving Berlin song Easter Parade made famous by Judy Garland. It is a habit of mine bursting into song.

I remember one Easter we returned to Ireland from Germany to celebrate Easter with our family. I was given my best ever Easter bonnet at this time and we were swamped with Easter presents baskets of eggs and chocolate and had a wonderful time. There was the great joy of the Easter Sunday service after the times of fasting and the sorrow of Good Friday.

Image via Emerald Design

Concept board created by Rosena on SampleBoard.com

The Easter table setting does not need to be what some could call kitsch. It can be sophisticated, funky, bright and spring like or humorous. It can easily be designed to work with your décor. I have posted a few images here to inspire your own creations.

Fun Easter breakfast idea Image via Emerald Interior Design

Have a blessed & happy Easter

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