Dying Over Ethnic Rugs

ethnic rugs

Characterized by unique textural and color combinations and abundance of organic materials, eclectic collector home style crosses the boundaries of culture, geography, and design epochs. Creativity is integral to luxe bohemian décor: for eclectic-minded designers, stylistic conventions are more of a broad signpost than a set of unbending rules, and the main focus of decorating attention is shifted to the eccentric, the reinterpreted, and the re-imagined. From ground up, homes styled following in global traveler’s footprints exude originality, buoyancy, and inimitable charisma that comes from ingenious amalgamation of elements. For this reason, rugs used to achieve the recognizable luxury bohemian look often feature ethnic prints, or are crafted from natural materials, or even tastefully layered for increased aesthetic value.

Minimalism streaked with ethnic vibes

Authentic ethnic rugs casually scattered across exposed floorboards provide a chic backdrop for an eclectic décor. Turkish kilims and Oriental rugs increase visual interest and add a quaint note to an eclectic collector home. Native American throws, patchwork rugs, and quilted floor cloths can be deployed to add contrast and personality to the décor, and they can be combined with natural furnishings and details to achieve the multicultural impression.



Coarse fabrics for a quaint note

Handmade rugs crafted from natural fabrics are an eclectic collector’s trademark, and they add textural opulence to the room, contrasting against neutral color palette and silky finishes. High-end wool floor covers, coir rugs, and bamboo or jute carpets help break up the décor monotony while coordinating with contemporary upholstery and up-to-date home fabrics purchased on trips to exotic countries or online. Geometric shapes, botanical prints, and Oriental arabesques look exquisite dancing across hand-knotted textiles, and they also play nicely with modernist reinterpretations of traditional floral wallpapers and tablecloths.

Silk rugs for lasting appeal

ethnic rugs

Silk rugs are on the far side of the eclectic collector’s continuum. Evocative of ancient cultures, Moroccan riads, and traditional Turkish homes, rooms shod in high-end silk carpeting require little other aesthetic extras as they boast superior style to go with durability. Silk rugs usually have an elaborate design with strong color contrasts, so they will shine at their finest in rooms with a monochromatic color scheme. A visual touch of bygone epochs, silk Persian carpets will instantly liven up a minimalist home and bring out the best features in contemporary designs, clean-lined furnishings, and toned-down color palette.


Textural opulence, contrasting colors, ingenious combinations of seemingly opposite stylistic elements, and fabrics handcrafted from natural materials are some the main components of a luxe bohemian home, and carpeting is no exception. With ethnic rugs, flourishes of deep hues against a neutral background, sophisticated blends of coarse and supple fabrics, and layered carpeting, eclecticism is pretty much at home in a global collector’s living room. Extravagant, versatile, and unique, bohemian carpets have an everlasting charm, which makes them ideal for décor experiments featuring different stylistic components.

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