Dorm Decor: How to Create a Trendy Dorm Room in 3 Styles

For interior design students and recent grads, a dorm room can be an exciting place to experiment and get creative with your look and feel - but it's also a place where you have to think about space, budget, and organization. The good news is that there are plenty of amazing DIY dorm decorating ideas out there to help you make your new home into the perfect retreat from the busy creative learning days ahead.

Looking for some inspiration on how to decorate your dorm room? Check out our top 3 super-cute and trendy dorm room designs!

Dorm room decoration

Dorm Decor Style 1: Whimsical Wonderland

If you're looking for a dorm room decorating theme that's both stylish and unique, consider going with a boho whimsical style. This trend combines elements of bohemian and hippie styles with a touch of whimsy and magic.

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Boho furniture is often made of natural materials like wood and wicker, and the colors are usually earthy and muted. You can accessorize your room with items like tapestries, rugs, and wall hangings to really give it a bohemian feel.

Add in some fun details like string lights or fairy lights combined with vintage-style butterfly prints or posters to give your room a magical touch. And don't forget to add loads of hanging plants!

Also, in order to make your dorm room look more atmospheric, you can create and customize your own colorful neon signs which can make your dorm room unique and different.

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Image credit: Pinterest

Dorm Decor Style 2: Retro, 1960s inspired design

One popular dorm room decorating theme is retro, 1960s inspired. The 1960s were a time of peace and love, and many people are nostalgic for that era. To recreate this look consider using peace signs, tie-dye, and other hippie-inspired elements. Another popular option is to use bright, bold colors to create a funky and fun space.

Dorm room decor

To incorporate this theme into your dorm room, consider using colorful tapestries, posters, and throw pillows. You can also add some fun details like string lights, a lava lamp, or neon signs.

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Dorm Decor Style 3: The Minimalist

There are a few things to keep in mind when decorating a dorm room in a minimalist style. Keep the color scheme simple. Black, white, and gray are all good choices for a minimalist bedroom.

Dorm decor

To achieve this look, start by painting the walls a light color. Then, use simple furniture with clean lines. Choose bedding and curtains in neutral colors. Avoid unnecessary decoration, such as picture frames and knick-knacks - keep the room clutter-free by storing items out of sight and only displaying the items you truly love.

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Top tips to bring it all together

Bring in Some Plants

Plants can really brighten up a space and make it feel homier. If you’re not great with keeping plants alive, succulents are a good option since they don’t require much maintenance, or invest in a few good quality faux plants.

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Hang Up Some Artwork or Posters

Personalizing your space with artwork or posters is a great way to make it feel like your own. You could frame some of your favorite prints or put up some cute photos of your friends and family. Get creative with wall art, you can even make your own wall art using posters, photos, and fabric. Or, you can find affordable wall art online or at stores like Target or Dormify.

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Accessorize Your Desk Area

Your desk is probably where you’ll be spending a lot of time, so why not make it as cute and functional as possible? Start by adding some fun desk accessories, like a pretty lamp, or create your very own collage wall with a collage kit, featuring dreamy prints inspired by the cosmos that you can arrange in your ideal assortment of color, patterns, images, and text.

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The Essentials You Need for Your Dorm Room

When it comes to decorating your dorm room, there are a few essential items you need in order to make it feel like home. Here are our top picks for what you need to create a super-cute and trendy dorm room:

  1. A cozy bed: You'll be spending a lot of time in your bed, so make sure to get one that's comfortable and stylish. Add some soft blankets and pillows to make it extra cozy.
  2. A desk and chair: You'll need a place to study and do your homework, so make sure to get a desk and chair that are both comfortable and stylish.
  3. A rug: A rug can add both comfort and style to your dorm room. Choose one that's easy to clean and is the right size for your space.
  4. Curtains: Curtains can help you block out light when you're trying to sleep or studying. Choose a style that goes with your overall dorm room decor.
  5. Lighting: Good lighting is essential for any room, but it's especially important in a dorm room where you'll be doing a lot of studying. Make sure to get some lamps or string lights that will help you brighten up your space, and also allows you to create an ambiance.

Finally, don't forget to personalize your space with some photos and mementos from home. Seeing familiar faces will help you feel less homesick while you're away at school. So go ahead and put up those family photos and show off your favorite.

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