Door and Wall Signs as Instruments to Elevate the Overall Safety of the Space

Last Updated on February 28, 2024 by SampleBoard

Taking proper safety precautions in public spaces is an important but challenging task.

However, this is one of the top priority tasks. You might neglect the quality of service or the level of comfort but you can never sacrifice safety. 

Many important tools help to elevate the overall safety of a public space. Fire safety signs are one of the often underestimated instruments.

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Why are Fire Safety Signs Necessary?

We are here not to promote any products or services but to inform you of the importance of fire safety signs because their significance is often underrated.

Here are the key reasons why they are necessary:

  • Legal requirements: Different jurisdictions regulate this issue in their own way. However, regardless of regulatory peculiarities, fire safety is always taken into consideration. Fire “extinguisher”, “hydrant”, and “no-smoking” signage play an important part in adhering to general fire safety policies.

  • Visitor’s comfort: When guests see that your space is equipped with instruments that help quickly locate all the tools necessary in emergencies, they might feel safer and more confident. Besides, fire safety signs aren’t just to meet certain building regulations and policies — they indeed help react quickly and effectively.

How Compliance with ADA Makes Your Space Safer?

Access to safety information shouldn’t be a privilege for only a certain group of visitors. That’s the reason why the Americans with Disabilities Act was developed.

This paper sets rules that are supposed to exclude discrimination against disabled people from all areas of our lives.

In particular, the ADA says that important safety signs should comply with its regulations. Fire safety signs fit this category pretty well.

That is why when choosing such signage make sure the lettering is tactile and the colors are contrasting, to ensure proper visibility of the signage to people with severe visual impairment.

Optionally, you can also add writing in Braille font to put inclusivity on a higher level.

What Other Types of Door Signage Enhances Overall Safety

  • Prohibitory signs: There will be no need to use fire extinguishers if no emergencies will occur. This is the purpose of using prohibitory signs. They inform visitors about activities that are restricted due to their potential harm.

  • Wayfinding signs: Fire safety signs should be accompanied with wayfinding or directional signs to work as efficiently as possible. These are plaques that might show directions to special emergency equipment or help visitors navigate evacuation routes.

  • Information signs: Such solutions can inform users what they should do in emergencies. Information signage might include numbers of emergency services or instructions on how to use certain tools.

Safety should be always considered a supreme priority in your space. That’s why you should utilize only high-quality tools that help to keep safety precautions.