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SampleBoard enables you to create digital mood boards in minutes and thus share your conceptual, visual ideas with colleagues and clients in the early stages of a creative project!


Digital mood board creation software - SampleBoard


SampleBoard is a cloud-based creative tool from which to create professional, inspirational mood boards faster and more efficiently, all from the comfort of your own creative space.

Mood boards have long been one of the main methods for gaining conceptually-aligned agreement between creative professional and client before committing to fabrics or furniture in interiors, costume or set styles for film shoots, colour combinations or trimmings in fashion design as well as in the realms of landscape architecture, wedding planning and all manner of design and ad agencies and students at design institutions.

Creating traditional mood boards by affixing samples of fabric, tile, texture, colour and pictures of products to board with adhesive and tape is both time-consuming and tedious, and these heavy moodboards need to be presented in person, and then stored afterwards!

SampleBoard offers an eco-friendly, time efficient web-based solution.

With SampleBoard’s convenient drag-and-drop functionality and intuitive image editing toolset, textures and design trends to inspire (or you can upload your own images, import from Pinterest and search the web), a mood board can be created in minutes and then saved, emailed or displayed anywhere it is needed!


Nordic Summer Home Interior Moodboard created on


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Experience SampleBoard yourself – sign up at here and let your creative spirit unfold if you’re planning a party, decorating a room or working on any project requiring visual inspiration!

SampleBoard’s image editor is intuitive and fun, let your creativity lead you! Drag-and-drop images you want, then resize, add shadows or text and more – create inspirational mood boards with SampleBoard in minutes...


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    We’re more than just a blog! Our software helps designers create professional moodboards in a matter of minutes.
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    We’re more than just a blog! Our software helps designers create professional moodboards in a matter of minutes.

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