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Get the Look: Charming Scandinavian Apartment with Floral Motifs

This beautiful Swedish apartment proves once again that rich florals are not reserved only for grandma’s country cottage. Read the article to learn how to Get the Look!

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Kids’ Room Trends for 2018

What novelties is 2018 going to bring into our most precious ones’ rooms? We can clearly see that some trends have enthroned themselves firmly determined to stay, while others seem to be on thin ice. What trends will take their place? Based on our interior design experience and a bit of a lucky guess, here are SampleBoard’s…

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SampleBoard’s Crush - Stylish furniture picks - Habitables

Habitables – World Class Furniture from an Etsy Store

As interior designers, we are always on the lookout for fresh, aesthetically superior furniture. Design shows, gorgeous finds by fellow designers and magazines, Pinterest and Google search… we all have our routines to make sure we stay up to date with the hottest furniture design. But how many of us remember to check Etsy for…

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SimpliSafe Home Security and Samsung Multiroom 360

Home Technology – Both Function and Style

Smart home devices are typically seen as an ugly addition to the home that should be covered up, so it doesn’t clash with the interior. However, gone are the days when you had to worry about hiding or avoiding tech in homes. Tech companies are welcoming the feedback to make these products more stylish so they can be reimagined…

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