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Wall Art Trends for 2019/2020: All You Need to Know About

There is nothing more personal and authentic than the art we select for our interiors. In 2019, we rely on our homes to help us express ourselves and remind us of our strivings and goals in life. The wall art says a lot about us and can do wonders in conveying our message and setting the desired mood for the space. That’s one of the main reasons why it became as popular in recent years. However, the clients often struggle with selecting the perfect grounding pieces for their rooms and that’s where we as interior designers and our mood boards jump in.

To stay updated on what’s hot and what’s not, let’s take a look at wall art trends for 2019/2020.

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Importance of Interior Design to Human Wellbeing - SampleBoard blog

Importance of Interior Design to Human Wellbeing

This article will make you appreciate the interior design profession like never before and help you realize just how vital factor of your clients’ happiness and general wellbeing you are.

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Best Material Mood Boards to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Best Material Mood Boards to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

We rounded up some of the best material mood boards we could find on the web to treat your eyes to a design eye-candy you well deserved after looking at all those calculations and forms earlier this week.

So get yourself comfortable as you will want to take your time to enjoy these beauties.

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How to make professional interior design mood boards in minutes

How to create professional-looking mood boards in minutes

If you are wondering how to up your interior design mood boarding process and save time while not compromising on the quality, you came to the right place.

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