Creating A Great First Impression In Your Foyer

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Foyer, entry, entrance hall….whatever you call it, the “lobby” of your home, while it may possibly be the smallest area, can have the biggest impact.

The entrance hall sets the tone for the rest of your home, so be sure it represents the style and feel you want to communicate to your guests. Design elements such as balance and scale will play a major role in the decorating of your foyer. Whether it is a small or large area, the foyer is the first impression or introduction to your home, so this is where your creativity should shine.

Whatever the size of your foyer, follow your heart and be as adventurous with the color and pattern you would like in the room. You can get away with thinking outside of the box with a foyer because it is a small space and you only spend short periods in there.

You’ll want the room to have impact and make a statement. Of course, keeping in mind the spaces your entry foyer may be linked to. This after all, is the space where your guest will get a preview of the rooms to come. The goal is to create a continuous flow, room to room, each space complimenting the other. This doesn’t mean matchy- matchy….the foyer should have its own identity while visually connecting to the rest of your home

Combine function with aesthetics as you place a table to hold your mail, briefcase and phone. Put in a small bench to sit on to remove boots or shoes and store the kids’ backpacks underneath. Include an umbrella stand for umbrellas or walking sticks and install a key holder on the wall for your keys. A mirror is always a great idea as well. It gives you a chance to check your makeup or outfit before heading out for the day.

Create a dramatic effect with the flooring, ceiling, lighting and wall treatments. This is a great way to bring in strong colors, fabrics, and interesting materials. Try a horizontal stripe paint treatment or grass cloth wallpaper. Maybe the flooring can have a special design or an interesting area rug or runner. Find every opportunity to bring in fabrics to soften up the area – try upholstering a bench to complement the window treatments in the adjacent rooms and add throw pillows.

Place a signature piece in the foyer. Hang a large mirror to reflect a scenic view or put a large painting on the wall opposite the entry door so it draws you into the room. Place a sculpture on the table or a corner stand. Pick a piece that coordinates with the other artwork in the home. This is also a great way to show off a collection or collage of special mementos.

Bring fragrance into the foyer through fresh flowers or scented candles. Sometimes living in a space for a long time you cannot detect odors, but someone visiting will be sure to detect them. Let freshness, beauty, creativity and even whimsy be the first impression to your home, while allowing your guests to feel welcomed.

Check out some grand and not so grand foyers. Hope you are inspired to create the home of your dreams!







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