Chic Bedroom Ideas

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Chic Bedroom Retreat

Large bedrooms may just seem too big with the minimalist arrangement of beds, nightstands, and dressers, and have extra space that could have been used for more fruitful purposes. Use this space and transform your bedroom into a chic bedroom retreat and a romantic getaway by applying these easy tips:

  • You can lend your bedroom a sleek contemporary touch or decorate it in lavish classical decor depending on your taste by setting the appropriate furniture in the room.
  • Lifestyle furniture arrangements and architectural elements such as a foot stand at the end of your bed, canopy beds, and armoires or treasure chests can add a customized touch to your bedroom.
  • Wall colors and wallpaper patterns, fabrics for furnishings, bedspreads, and pillows along with accessories can make your bedroom look romantic, period room, or rustic according to the texture and choices that you have made.
  • You can never go wrong with canvas prints. They're one of, if not the most, versatile wall decor perfect for any style or aesthetic. Canvas prints are customizable and have plenty of size options. They're durable and affordable too.
  • Stick with your theme and decorate your bedroom to make yourself feel comfortable in it.
  • Romantic European-style furniture made of rich and deep-toned woods such as cherry and walnut and having stains such as cocoa, java, or sienna are long-lasting and always popular. It can be used in conjunction with painted wood and iron bed, nightstand, or armoire for a tasteful blend of styles.
  • To maintain harmony in your room, keep a repeated pattern of style, color, or scale while decorating your room.
  • Stimulate romantic feelings by adding lavish pillows, throws, and duvets in deep bright hues in the bed and sheer draperies made up of light fly-away fabric around it.
  • For a lavish and extravagant look, use high thread count bed sheets, and fabric with a rich smooth soft texture such as silks and velvets for tapestries, linens, and bedding.
  • Chandeliers and beaded lamps and accessories also make the bedroom look luxurious. You can hang a larger one over the bed and two small complementing ones over the nightstands in a large bedroom to make it look unique.
  • Fresh flowers and fragrant candles arranged in Japanese style make the room look peaceful and relaxing.
  • Use straw wall hangings, wooden finishes, and matte wall colors in earthy tones for a rustic look.
  • The color palette of the bedroom should incorporate colors that you enjoy in all moods and you wouldn't get bored over time.
  • You can add stylish and functional furniture pieces in addition to the basic furniture arrangement in the bedroom for a customized space where you can relax, as you want.
  • Besides dressers, you can also use treasure chests and wardrobes by Instrument furniture for additional storage space or make a small reading room at one side of your bedroom complete with a study lamp for those late-night readings.
  • If you watch television in your bedroom, you can incorporate higher headboards in the bed to support your back.
  • Platform beds are in vogue these days.
  • Footboards can be adjusted according to your height to support your feet when sitting up in bed or you can use two footboards to accommodate couples of different heights.

Chic Bedroom Ideas