Can You Use a Laser Level in Daylight?

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Ever found yourself in a situation where you're out in the bright sunlight, trying to hang a frame or install a shelf perfectly straight, but struggling because you just can't see the laser line?

You're not alone.

Many DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike bump into this challenge.

But here's some good news: with the right tools, such as the DOVOH Outdoor Laser Level, taking on such tasks under the sun is not only possible but also quite straightforward.

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How to Use a Laser Level in Daylight

Using a laser level in daylight might seem tricky at first, but with a few tips and the right equipment, it's definitely doable.

Let's walk through a step-by-step guide on how to use the DOVOH Laser Level 360 Self Leveling in bright conditions.

Choose the Right Laser Level

Not all laser levels are created equal, especially when it comes to visibility in daylight.

The DOVOH Outdoor Laser Level is designed specifically for these conditions, boasting features that enhance visibility even in bright sunlight.

Set Up the Laser Level

Place your DOVOH Laser Level on a stable surface or tripod, ensuring it's securely fastened. Turn it on and allow it to self-level, a feature that ensures accuracy without the fuss.

Maximize Visibility

To improve the visibility of your laser line, position the laser level so that it casts the shortest shadow. This usually means placing it at a right angle to the direction of the sunlight.

Use a Laser Detector

For the brightest parts of the day, even the best laser levels like the DOVOH high visibility laser level might struggle to stand out to the naked eye.

This is where a DOVOH DR1 laser level receiver comes in handy. It can pick up laser lines in conditions where your eyes might not.

Adjust for Optimal Performance

Make minor adjustments to the laser level's position or angle to capture the best visibility based on your project's needs and the sun's position.

Mark Your Line

Once you're happy with the visibility of the laser line, go ahead and mark your working area.

This can be done with a pencil, marker, or even a piece of tape, depending on your preference and the surface you're working on.

Proceed with Your Project

With your line clearly marked, you're all set to proceed with your project, confident in the knowledge that it'll be perfectly aligned.

Key Features of the DOVOH Outdoor Laser Level

High Visibility

The heart of the DOVOH H3-360G model lies in its use of 110mw high power laser diodes.

This is a significant leap in technology, especially when you consider that most other laser levels on the market typically incorporate 30mw laser diodes.

This makes the H3-360G arguably the brightest laser level available today, ensuring that its lines are easily seen even in the brightest daylight conditions.

Dual Amortization

Durability and resilience are critical for any tool subjected to the rigors of construction sites or outdoor environments. The DOVOH Outdoor

Laser Level stands out with its innovative dual cushioning rubber that envelops the core assembly.

This unique design significantly increases the tool's resistance to impacts, making it one of the most robust laser levels available.

Currently, DOVOH is the only brand that utilizes this design, offering an unmatched level of protection against drops and knocks.

5 Years Accuracy Warranty

Reliability over time is a paramount concern for anyone relying on precision tools.

The DOVOH Outdoor Laser Level addresses this concern head-on with an impressive 5 Years Accuracy Warranty.

This commitment to quality ensures that the device maintains its precision, giving users peace of mind that their tool will perform consistently well over many years.


While working with laser levels in daylight might initially pose some challenges, having the right tools, like the DOVOH Outdoor Laser Level, simplifies the process tremendously.

By following the outlined steps, anyone can complete projects with precision, no matter the lighting.

The key lies in selecting a laser level that's specifically designed to stand out in bright conditions, and the DOVOH lineup is perfectly suited for this task.

Don't let bright sunlight hold you back from tackling those outdoor projects – with your laser level in hand, you're ready to achieve great results.