The Complete Guide To Decorating With Blue

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Learn your way around the blue interior color trend

When it comes to decorating with color, blue is one of the all-time interior classics.

The color blue is always relevant as its wide range of hues offers so much diversity, making it easy for us to keep finding fresh and exciting alternatives to the overused shades of previous seasons.

The color blue also remains a firm Pantone fave as seen in multiple colors of the year choices namely Serenity Blue, Dazzling Blue, and Classic Blue back in 2020.

Interior Color Trends for 2020: The Evolution of Blue | SampleBoard

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Is Blue a Good Interior Color?

My esteemed design connoisseur, blue, is not simply a good interior color—it is an exceptional choice that can effortlessly elevate the aesthetics of any space.

Like a gentle caress from a cool ocean breeze, blue has the enchanting ability to create a soothing atmosphere, promoting a sense of calmness and relaxation.

Its vast spectrum offers many possibilities, from the ethereal hues of cerulean and aquamarine to the commanding presence of navy and royal blue.

The psychology behind blue reveals its profound impact on our well-being.

Blue evokes feelings of serenity, clarity, and productivity. Imagine a softly painted sky blue accent wall instilling a sense of tranquility in your living room retreat.

Picture luxurious velvet drapes in deep sapphire cascading down your bedroom windows, enveloping you in an oasis of serenity.

Whether you seek to infuse a touch of elegance or create a serene ambiance, blue, with its timeless allure, never fails to deliver.

Let our meticulously curated collection of moody blue design templates empower you, enabling you to harmoniously incorporate this transformative color into your interiors, inspiring awe and bliss within both yourself and those who lay eyes upon your masterpiece.

The Best Colors That Go with Blue

In the vibrant world of interior design, discovering the best colors to complement blue is like uncovering a treasure trove of endless possibilities.

As we embark on this exhilarating chromatic journey, prepare to be inspired by the artful fusion of hues that can elevate your spaces to new heights of sophistication and visual splendor.

Blue and White

First, let us explore the classic pairing of blue with white—a timeless combination that exudes purity and elegance.

Imagine a crisp, white canvas adorned with delicate blue accents—a serene sanctuary that showcases the harmonious interplay between light and color.

From dreamy coastal themes to modern minimalist aesthetics, this clean, refreshing palette breathes life into any room.

Blue and Gold

Moving into more daring territory, let us introduce the exquisite union of blue and gold.

Picture opulent sapphire walls adorned with gilded accents—a feast for the eyes, exuding opulence and refinement.

The royal allure of this pairing lends an air of majestic grandeur, where blue becomes the jewel-toned backdrop to your regal design masterpiece.

Blue and Gray

Consider the dynamic combination of blue and gray for a more modern twist. Blue's relaxed, calming nature harmonizes effortlessly with gray's sophisticated neutrality.

From pale blue-gray hues to deep indigos punctuated by touches of silver, this stylish alliance creates dimension and depth, breathing life into contemporary spaces.

Blue and Sage Green

Explore the serene partnership of blue and sage green to infuse warmth and earthy tranquility into your designs. This combination conjures images of idyllic nature escapes and evokes a sense of tranquility and balance.

Imagine a dreamy bedroom washed in hues of blue and adorned with lush greenery. This sanctuary transports you to a tranquil oasis, seamlessly blending the freshness of nature with the serenity of blue.

Decorating with Blue

Now that we've explored the finest color companions for blue, it's time to decorate with this enchanting hue.

Whether you wish to create a serene haven or make a bold statement, the key lies in balance and intention.

Strategically incorporate blue through accent walls, statement furniture pieces, or carefully curated decorative accessories.

Mesmerize your guests with a blue velvet sofa, or enchant them with an artful display of blue pottery—each element meticulously selected to heighten the ambiance and tell your unique design story.

Here are four tips to help you get started with decorating in blue:

  • Use blue accents throughout your home. This could mean adding blue pillows to a chair, painting the walls a light blue, or using blue plates on your kitchen table.
  • Pair blue with neutrals. A neutral backdrop will help blue items pop while keeping your space visually pleasing. Consider pairing blues with whites, blacks, or greys.
  • Use bolder shades of blue. If you want to go all out with the color, try using navy, royal blue, or cobalt blue instead of more subtle shades like baby blue or teal.
  • Stick to timeless designs. Blue doesn't go out of style anytime soon, so choose styles that will look great for years to come. For example, choose vases or throws in navy or royal blue instead of trendy designs that may become outdated quickly.

Interior Color Trends for 2020: Evolution of Blue | SampleBoard

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The Psychology Behind the Color Blue

The color blue is evocative of the sea and the sky. It brings together the deepest depths of the ocean with the lightness of the seventh cloud.

It stands for integrity, power, tranquility, and health, and is considered beneficial to the mind and body.

In the world of business and interruptions, light blue helps us filter out the noise and focus on what truly matters.

Light blue brings calm and a sense of stability we all desperately crave these days. It promotes healing and understanding and helps us switch to a more mindful mindset.

Blue symbolizes trust and wisdom, confidence, and... well, heaven. It endorses optimism and sparks happiness in its purest form. It’s ethereal and free like a toddler trying to catch the waves on a sunny afternoon.

If you’re looking to add a splash of blue to your next interior project, wall paint probably seems like the most obvious pick.

But don’t shy away from using bed linen, blue marble, velvet, drapes, or wall art featuring blue hues.

Interior Color Trends for 2020: Evolution of Blue | SampleBoard
Interior Color Trends for 2020: Evolution of Blue | SampleBoard
Interior Color Trends for 2020: Evolution of Blue | SampleBoard
Interior Color Trends for 2020: The Evolution of Blue | SampleBoard

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Blue Bedroom Ideas

Blue is a great option if you're looking for a way to add a pop of color to your bedroom. This versatile color can be used in many different ways.

Here are some ideas for using blue in your bedroom:

  • Use blue as the dominant color in your room. This will create a cool, refreshing feel.
  • Add blue accents to other pieces of furniture or accessories in your room. This can make a small space look larger and more colorful.
  • Use blue textiles, like curtains or bedding, to create a calming effect.

Blue interiors

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Blue Living Room Ideas

When decorating your living room with blues, it’s essential to think about the mood you want to create.

Some tips for creating a blue living room interior decorating scheme are to mix different shades of blue together, use navy, charcoal, and royal blue tones, and go for a more minimalistic look.

For accessories, try placing some light-blue flowers in a vase or using a few small light-blue candles on the mantelpiece.

Add some peaceful artwork depicting ocean waves or clouds in blues and greens for a finishing touch.

Interior Color Trends for 2020: The Evolution of Blue | SampleBoard
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Interior Color Trends for 2020: The Evolution of Blue | SampleBoard

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Blue interiors

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Blue interiors | SampleBoard

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Blue interiors

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In interior design, colors can evoke emotions, set moods, and create captivating spaces.

Among the vast palette of hues available, one shade has captured the hearts and imaginations of designers and homeowners alike: blue.

With its timeless elegance, soothing aura, and versatility, the color blue has emerged as a prevailing trend, permeating the realm of interior design in homes, offices, and public spaces.

The effects of the color blue extend far beyond its aesthetic appeal; it can transform a space into a tranquil sanctuary, a vibrant oasis, or a space that exudes unmatched sophistication.

Renowned for its calming properties, blue facilitates relaxation and serenity. It is particularly well-suited for bedrooms, living rooms, or any areas where a sense of calm and balance is desired.

Furthermore, blue can stimulate clear thinking and enhance productivity, making it an excellent choice for creative spaces or home offices where focus and concentration are paramount.

In a world fueled by ever-evolving design trends, one may wonder what propels the enduring popularity of blue. Its inherent ability to effortlessly adapt to many design schemes and styles is the answer.

From understated and minimalist to bold and eclectic, blue seamlessly integrates into various color palettes and interior styles.

Whether used as a striking focal point or as a subtle accent, blue adds depth, refinement, and sophistication to any space.

As interior designers, embracing blue and harnessing its transformative potential is paramount.

By incorporating blue into our design schemes, we infuse our spaces with a touch of elegance and create an environment that nurtures well-being, fosters creativity, and envelopes inhabitants in a sense of harmony.

Blue empowers us to craft spaces that captivate the eye and nurture the soul. In conclusion, embracing blue in interior design is not merely a passing fad.

Its enduring appeal lies in its ability to evoke serenity, enhance productivity, and seamlessly integrate into various design styles.

By embracing this celestial hue, interior designers can unlock the potential to create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also elevate the human experience.

So, let us dip our brushes into the vast spectrum of blue and usher in a new era of design excellence, where beauty and functionality intertwine to create spaces that transcend mere walls and ceilings and become transformative havens that inspire and uplift those who inhabit them.