Best Rug Colors for Your Murfreesboro, TN, Home

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Affordable and beautiful Murfreesboro is known for its fascinating history and exciting future: it’s one of the best places in the Nashville area to raise a family, and its institutes of higher learning lend it an air of innovation and progress.

Those fortunate enough to live in Murfreesboro have a whole spectrum of interior design options available to them: you might harken back to the ‘Boro’s past by copying design elements on display at Historic Cannonsburgh Village, or perhaps spice things up by embracing this area’s well-known status as a music and cultural arts haven. 

However, many people forget an important element of their interior design: floor coverings like carpets and rugs. These provide a comforting footing and lend warmth to any room, making it a place where everyone likes to gather and relax.

There’s a rainbow of colors to choose from when it comes to carpets and rugs, but not every single one will look quite right in Murfreesboro homes, so you must think carefully before buying that lovely ornamental rug. Here are some of the best colors to match the friendly atmosphere of Tennessee’s best place to live.

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Beige Is Always Beautiful

We’ll start with the most obvious design choice: the neutral beige. Many homes in Murfreesboro are taupe and other sandy colors, so this will be a perfect way to create a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors.

The other reason that beige is such a popular color is that it serves as a relaxing backdrop for funkier decor choices, ensuring you’re not overwhelming the senses with too many eye-popping options.

One downside of beige is that it easily shows stains and spills, so it’s important to keep your lighter rugs and carpets in good repair with professional care, such as carpet cleaning by TN Flood Kings. This way, you’ll show your home’s best self to the world and be able to cherish your carpets for years to come. 

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Spice It Up With Orange

If you’re a bold and outgoing person, you know that sometimes it’s a good idea to get a bit loud, and this goes for decor too. Rich orange-browns have been called one of the hottest tones for 2023, only proving that these delightful colors should find their way into your home. 

A large and in charge orange area rug can make an amazing focal point of a room, especially if paired with classy wooden furniture in subtle, light tones. This recalls the exciting fall foliage Murfreesboro shows off every year and provides a great mood boost.

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Blare Your Hometown Allegiance With Blue

Middle Tennessee State University, the Blue Raiders, is pretty much the epitome of this lovely color: nearly everything about the university, from the football team to the newspaper, incorporates blue. If you love Murfreesboro’s college, including a light blue in your interior design is an excellent choice; there’s no better way to show your hometown love.

Pick classy chrome appliances and accents to show off your Lightning pride, or go for a more Scandinavian look with start white decorations and light pine furniture - the choice is yours! Whatever you choose, you’ll look perfectly at home when you come home from a rousing tailgate session at the stadium with pennants in hand.

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Relax With Soothing Greens

One of the reasons that Murfreesboro is such a beloved town is that it is fresh and full of vibrant greenery, from tree-lined paths to beautiful parks bursting with flowers. You can bring a bit of this indoors should you choose to incorporate a deep green area rug or select spring-green carpets.

There are so many ways you can leverage green: You might go for a more Victorian theme with hunter-green rugs, or you might opt for a beachier option with seafoam tones. Whatever you choose, be sure to utilize happy houseplants; they not only enforce your theme but also improve air quality and help calm your mind.

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Light Up Your Life With Yellow

Murfreesboro is a vibrant and cheerful place, with many festivals taking place throughout the year. If you want to capture this sunny personality in your home, yellow is the natural choice! You’ll feel energized when you step through the front door, ready to sing with joy at your wonderful decor.

Yellow can be a very overpowering option, so it’s best to keep it simple here with smaller accents, such as a citrus bath mat or area rug. For best results, pair with lighter furniture, which will lend a feeling of airiness all throughout the home.

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Colors are a powerful way to show off your mindset and boost your mood, so being intentional with your flooring choices will make a huge difference in how you feel when relaxing in your Murfreesboro house. Create a restful sanctuary by selecting tones appropriate for rooms - and that helps show your love for one of Tennessee’s friendliest cities. 

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