Best Mood Board of January 2018 - Renee Carman

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Renee Carman moodboard - SampleBoard software

This elegant mood board, work of our user Renee Carman from Mandeville Canyon Designs has been chosen as the Best Board of the Month for January 2018.

Best Mood Board of January 2018 - Renee Carman - SampleBoard

Burke Dining and Art Work brought Renee a FREE month for creating at SampleBoard.

Renee has been with us since 2014, and we had a pleasure to witness the development of her style over the years. We are eager to see what she will come up within the following weeks!

Keep an eye on this creative lady as she continues to surprise with new talents every couple of years. Before founding Mandeville Canyon Designs in 2004, Renee was a professional actress in LA and New York. Also, she has 20 years of experience as fitness and media consultant. Renee appeared on shows such as HGTV’s Decorating Cents, Martha Stewart Living, The View, and the Early Show, and her work has been published by Coastal Home, Accent, New Hampshire Magazine, New Hampshire Home and Lush magazine.

She majored in Decorative Arts at the Boston Architectural College and, over the years, she has received numerous awards for both residential and commercial work.

Renee’s love for Mid-century Modern can easily be spotted from her portfolio, and so can be her passion for being in balance with Nature. Influenced by five Earth elements, Renee Carman’s designs feature refreshing color schemes and renewable sources.

From hospitality to home, Mandeville Canyon Designs assembles the most talented group of artisans and craftsmen who truly understand the needs of our clients and whose limits are only our imaginations. Being sensitive to our carbon footprint, clients can be assured that we reuse and repurpose whenever possible and explore each products usability and ultimate impact on the environment. Our clients can expect that projects come in on time and within budget while consistently exceeding expectations. - Renee Carman.


We are proud to be part of their design process and a trusted partner in translating design concepts to their clients.

Before we let you enjoy fragments of their portfolio, we would like to remind you about our monthly giveaway. Keep creating and don't forget to make your mood boards visible to the public at our site, so you can stand a chance of being featured and winning the prize! Also, tag us on Instagram when you share your mood boards, and we will be happy to spread the word about your work.


Renee Carman moodboard - SampleBoard software

Renee Carman moodboard - SampleBoard software

Renee Carman moodboard - SampleBoard software

Renee Carman moodboard - SampleBoard software

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