Becoming Cleaner At Home For Your Family's Health

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Are you thinking of ways to create a cleaner home to benefit your family?

If so, good on you! Maintaining a clean home is important, as this can always help our family stay healthy.

Installing a water filter is a great way to ensure the purity of the water you use for drinking and cooking, further enhancing the health and well-being of your loved ones.

If you want tips for cleaning up your home environment and ensuring it is the safest space for your family, you’ve come to the right place. 

Here, you’ll find all the best advice for creating a clean home to benefit your family’s health.

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Get rid of pests

Nobody wants pests in their home. They are irritating and unsafe.

If you are dealing with pests, you should call an exterminator and exterminate them within hours. They will not return, so you can be sure your home will remain safe and healthy.

Maintain good indoor air quality

The air inside your home can affect your respiratory health and overall well-being.

Do your part to maintain good air quality by changing HVAC filters frequently, using air purifiers with HEPA filters, and ventilating your living quarters by opening windows and doors for fresh air when the weather allows.

Also, use fewer chemical cleaners, smoke outside, and measure and adjust humidity levels.

Don’t hold onto clutter

Clutter makes your house look, well, cluttered, but it can make matters worse in keeping the place clean. Stuff takes over, creating little places where dust can hide, and bugs love to live.

Be proactive. When tackling clutter, don't overlook the impact of furniture removal.

Removing unused furniture creates more breathing space and simplifies cleaning routines, fostering a healthier living environment for your family.

Anything you don’t use and really don’t need, donate, give away, or trash. Additionally, prepare to store things by investing in catch-all bins, fabric or plastic bins, baskets, and shelving.

Clean that kitchen properly

The kitchen is full of activity and where bacteria and germs breed fast. Keep your kitchen clean by washing down countertops and sinks with soap and hot water after you prepare each meal.

Clean your appliances regularly with soap and hot water. When slicing and dicing raw meats and vegetables, use different cutting boards to prevent cross-contamination.

Also, wash all dishes, utensils, and cookware between meal preparations. As a final step, store your food in airtight containers so that it doesn’t spoil or attract pests.

Don't forget your bedding and linens

Your bedding and linens are a dust mite's home, and they top the list of household allergens. Cleaning them properly is important.

Wash sheets, pillowcases, and blankets at least once a week in water heated to a temperature above 130 degrees F to kill dust mites and remove allergens.

Bathroom cleaning advice

This area in your home should be cleaned regularly to avoid unclean and unhygienic conditions.

Clean and disinfect your bathroom surfaces, including sink, toilet, tub, or shower, at least once weekly.

Use a cleaning product containing a disinfectant to kill the germs on the bleaching agents.

Keep your towels, bathmat, and shower curtains dry, and often, they should be washed because a moist condition in the bathroom can encourage the growth of mold and mildew.