Beauty Trend for Spring/Summer 14 | Prose

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Beauty Trend Spring Summer 14

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According to PantoneView, Spring/Summer 14 highlights the value of experience and emotion. Prose finds a diversion from the pressures of the modern world by turning inwards, through poetic verse. Romance blossoms in delicate petal hues and discreet neutrals.

Read the verse of 19th-century Romantic poets Keats, Browning, and Wordsworth. The words have an emotional intensity, leaving a pensive, lingering feeling.

Prose expresses the frothy romance and plunging depths of poetry. Neutrality in color is a key message for S/S 14 beauty, conveyed with vaporous pinks, mauves, lavender, ivory, and gentle nudes. Textures play on unusual contrasts of sight and touch. Materials that appear heavy, such as porcelain, are surprisingly light.

Conversely, lightweight materials such as fluffy clouds are strangely heavy. Translucence and pearlescence are also key elements in a story that embodies the lightness of spring.

May you find the romance this Spring.

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