Beach Wedding Ideas: Decorations that Set the Mood for a Seaside Affair

Beach Wedding Ideas: Decorations that Set the Mood for a Seaside Affair

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The beach is a common for weddings throughout the year. It is versatile, fun and allows the couple to celebrate in a setting that almost everyone has fond memories of both as children and adults. Worldwide, the beach is a setting that people enjoy year round.

Almost everyone has spent at least one day of their lives visiting a beach. Whether the day was spent playing, enjoying the sun or just relaxing… beaches are magical places that allow us to forget the worries of the day and enjoy some of the finest environments that nature has to offer. The beach is also a magical and mystical place, offering up unique treasures such as polished rocks, shells and even occasionally relics of days gone by, such as bottles, pottery and parts of ships. There is nothing more calming than sitting on the beach and staring at the water and horizon of the ocean or at the unique patterns in the water, lake or river side.

Beaches are also place where romance blossoms or matures. Walks in the moonlight alongside a lake or ocean set a mood for even the most unromantic. Lying side by side or sitting on a beach allow a unique closeness that is hard to replicate in virtually any setting, even if the beach is mobbed by people. Who would not be impacted by the image of a wind swept, sandy beach as lake or ocean waves gently and methodically lap the shoreline?

For all these reasons and many more, beaches provide the perfect theme for most weddings. Whether ocean side or landlocked, everyone can relate and almost every one can enjoy the theme, using their own memories as fuel to get in the mood of the wedding theme. Even the most unromantic can find something to like about the beach, ocean or environment even if it is only misty nights, distant clanging of boat mooring lines or the unique sound of foghorns.
With that in mind, beach wedding decor can set a mood that can be “all things to everyone.” If you enjoy the ocean or bodies of water, a beach theme evokes images of children playing and warm sunny days. If you enjoy the mystery of the ocean or a lake, the beach theme replicates that imagery as a metaphor for the mysteries a happy couple will unfold in their new lives together. If you enjoy those misty seaside nights, a beach theme can use that imagery of warm, humid nights with interesting sounds to build a mood of mystery, adventure and security.

To set the mood from the beginning, try using beach towel stickers affixed to your beach wedding invitations or as an add-in with them. Have guests sign a seaside allure traditional guest book as they arrive at the wedding. Colors such as sea-green or aqua blue can be used to decorate your reception hall and if you have a separate cocktail hour before the reception but after the wedding.

Decorate your tables with metal boats filled with mints. You also can give guests a Starfish Wine Stopper that is a great way to preserve wine and will remind guests of you for years to come. Using boat wheel favor / place cards on your tables give guests a memento that is easily stored and can be placed in scrapbooks when guests get home.

Other decorations can include vases filled with miniature shells. Food also can be a decoration, particularly if you use foods that are synonymous with the beach such as lobster, clams and salads that focus on crisp greens. Napkins in seaside colors can also play a role in setting your theme. If you want more traditional colored napkins, use beach colors and pastels for cocktail napkins.

The beach is versatile and offers something positive and friendly for almost anyone. By using it as a theme in your wedding, you give guests the ability to enjoy your interests and create their own images according to the big day as well as their own memories. Beach themes set the mood for fun and can enhance your decorations whether you are celebrating your commitment by the sea, a lake or river.

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