Backyard Wedding: Elegant Design and Decor Ideas

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It is always tricky for a wedding decorator to pull off memorable aesthetics over and over again. When it comes to weddings, clients usually know exactly what they want, and they all have one thing in common - they want the big day to be perfect. Things can get more complicated if the space and the budget are quite limited. So, organizing timeless yet affordable backyard wedding is definitely not ‘a piece of cake’. There are so many things to think about and take care of, that you may end up feeling like your head will explode! In order to help you transform client’s dreams into a gorgeous reality, we’ve made a list of elegant and stylish décor ideas you should definitely consider.

Ceremony arch

It doesn’t matter where the ceremony is taking place - in a church, on the beach, or in the client’s backyard - floral arches are a perfect way to add more color and structure to a big day. If you want to spice things up a bit, you can pick a dramatic arch made of woven branches and have all available space filled in with moss and greenery. Use clusters of hydrangeas and roses to add more color, and hang a small crystal chandelier in the center. Or, if a bride prefers something a bit more romantic, a simple arch with organza drapes and pretty pink or blue flowers will do the trick. Not only are these arches perfect to get married under, but they can be used as the ideal background for portraits with guests and family (not to mention that it’s great for fun selfies as well).

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Decorated aisle

Aisle liners are a simple, but incredibly important part of a ceremony. They can easily transform the place into a scene from a fairy tale or a romantic movie, and they can be a perfect reflection of who your clients are and what they love. Line the isle with lush greenery and small rustic lanterns (you can also place candles in glass candle holders or small jars and tie them with ribbons), or cover the path with flower petals and newlyweds will feel like they’re walking on a cloud. Small plants in brass buckets are also a good idea since they can evoke that rustic touch which goes so well with backyard weddings.

Rustic centerpieces

The best thing about backyard weddings is the fact that, usually, the surroundings are so charming and inviting, you won’t even have to come up with extravagant centerpieces. Instead, they can be a simple reflection of nature surrounding you. Use mason jars as vases, dip them in glitter, and fill them with fresh flowers – it’s simple, but looks rustic and gentle. Also, there is nothing like candlelight to make the evening more romantic: use glass bowls filled with water, put a rose or magnolia petals in them and add a floating candle or two. You can also use twigs or even small branches instead of petals if you want to achieve a more rustic look.

Table setting

One marvelous way to make your clients wedding stand out from the rest is by adding a unique touch to the dinner table. Be it through unexpected flower arrangements, candles, table names and numbers, detailed menus, or creative tableware, an innovative tablescape is just what the wedding needs to bring the personality-infused theme to a whole new level. And although turning to classic decoration is never a bad idea, swapping out tradition for more modern, one-of-a-kind designs can be a refreshing choice.

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A ‘chill out’ area

You will want to make sure that the outdoor furniture you pick is of the highest quality and that it blends perfectly with the wedding theme. Use chunky chairs for both decoration as well as sitting and cover them with white linen tablecloths. Place foam cushions on benches and ottomans so that people can be comfortable and get a beach tent with light, translucent fabric to keep the sun away.

Beautiful backyard wedding will allow your clients to get married in a familiar and safe environment, and it could save them a lot of money, especially since the prices of booking a venue skyrocket during wedding season. A ceremony like this is also a perfect chance for you to show just how professional and adroit you can be. It takes talent and creativity, as well as a few serious brainstorming sessions to transform a common backyard into a magical retreat. However, challenges like this will make you learn and grow as an expert, and that is exactly what makes the job so interesting, right?

So, what are you waiting for? You have all the weapons you need, now decorate!

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