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Rk Design Posters


Art Inspiration // RK Design Posters mood board (click on board for links)

I'm currently fascinated by nordic art and find Riikka Kantinkoski's prints amazing. She's a photographer from Finland and has really made a name for herself in the Scandi style interior blogs. I urge you to pop over to her shop RK Design, hosted on Society6. She's just launched some new prints too.

Rk Design poster

Pieni rk Design violet poster weekdaycarnival2 Sampleboard Blog

Here are some of her posters I found in Scandinavian styled interiors...

Alphabet Poster Designed by Rk Design Photo from Onehappymess Sampleboard Blog

Lisa Rug | Pappelina | Diamond Chair | Rk Design Sampleboard Blog


Via Ale Besso | Black White Grey | Karlsson | Rk Design | Hay Sampleboard Blog

Rk Design Image of Black and White Alphabets Sampleboard Blog

Rk Design Sampleboard Blog

Rk Design Sampleboard Blog

Heimelig shop Wild Stripes by Rk Design Weekday Carnival Art Print Black and White Poster Wild Stripes Sampleboard Blog

Rk Design Sampleboard Blog

Milo and Mitzy Est 2011 Rk Design Sampleboard Blog

Via Romana | Rk Design'Wild Stripes' Print | Ikea Rug | Eames | Marimekko | Olle Eksell - SampleBoard Blog

Via Elle Interior | Black and White | Ikea Rand Rug | Rk Design Print Sampleboard Blog

the Minimalist X Real Living Mag March 2013 Sampleboard Blog

She has a big following on Instagram, so be sure to check it out. For more inspiring Scandinavian interiors, pop over to my Pinterest board INTERIOR * SCANDINAVIAN

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