An Inter-Seasonal Outlook for Summer 2014 | Darkened Summer

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Summer 2014 Fashion Trend Mood Board

CONCEPT + INFORMATION: LESLEY HURST | Fashion trend board created using the SampleBoard mood board creator program

According to Pantone View ANALYSIS: DESIGNER OVERVIEW S/S 14 many a remark was overheard at runway exits raising the question 'what season are we in?' Marc Jacobs, Prada, Lanvin, Vuitton, amongst others presented collections which would have been equally at home in winter as in summer as portrayed with this fashion trend board called "darkened summer". Lesley Hurst, Trend and Color Forecasting Expert explains:

A glamorous spirit takes this darkened palette to a new dimension, shown in gilded, gleaming surfaces and moving fluid fabrics saturated in rich color. Tropical color is intensified by reflections and eclipsed by shots of black. Peacock and deep purple are important players but it is magenta which is the vital newcomer and we predict it to be a window dress focus. Drop into summer metalics, sulphur gold and rich copper, for a lavish touch.